Saturday, January 17, 2015

TripleAFund...My January 2015 Copy Trade Portfolio Update

tripleAI wasn´t expecting this. After couple of weeks I have stopped copying Christian Fahrner (FcInvestment).
Well, altough he is very popular on social trading network eToro Openbook, I didn´t like couple of things about his trading.

1) Stop Loss extending

I noticed that couple of times Christian extended his stoploss. When I asked him why he did it, he replied that he usually didn´t do it. But he did it again very soon after that. One trade was closed -460% after he extended SL couple of times. Not my cup of tea as I have seen many traders on eToro and also on Zulutrade go bust because of these practices.
Christian was defending himself that he often hedge such positions (to be honest, he actually hedged that position)…..that leads me to my second complaint.

2) Hedging Issue full article.....