Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best Money Maker

Forex social trading and investing network Zulutrade has a new king. “Best Money Maker” from Poland is today number one among all signal providers on this popular network. His trading career on Zulutrade is very fast. It took him only 18 weeks to climb to the top of Zulu ranking.


Best Money Maker has earned 1,424 pips since the launch of his Zulutrade signal providers account. The trader sends his trading signals from FX Open demo account. His trading strategy complies with FIFO rule.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Binary Options Social Trading on Zulutrade

binary-optionsThere are rumors that largest social investment network Zulutrade is going to introduce a brand new platform for binary options trading. In couple of weeks, investors and followers should be able to copy best binary options traders.  Till now, they were able to follow and copy only forex social traders.
If this information is true, Zulutrade could take a big step forward and introduce a brand new market in social trading industry.  This would probably attract tons of new customers as binary options market is these days very popular.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Can Martingale Signal Providers On Zulutrade Survive Long Term?

equitygrowthMartingale trading system is a topic of hot discussions among many forex traders. Bright side of this strategy is that you can make a lot of money very fast, dark side is that you can lose it all even faster.
The reason for this article and challenge is that there are tons of signal providers on Zulutrade who employ this strategy. Why? Well, the answer is very simple. If they are lucky they can make it to TOP10 in Zulu ranking in 30, 20 and some even in 10 weeks.  And being in Top10 on Zulutrade is a very lucrative place to be in.
Unfortunately for many followers, these traders can blow millions of $ sooner or later.
I have decided to write and run this challenge series of articles for 2 reasons: ....read more

SwissRunner: ForexCopy Martingale Expert

swissrunnerIt has not been so long when I labeled SwissRunner as the best EUR/CHF signal provider on Zulutrade.
His trading performance on this currency pairs was the reason for that.
Here is trader´s strategy description posted by himself:
I am expert in statistics and algorithmic trading. I optimized this strategy during one and a half year. It is a further developed grid with dynamically changing intervals and two baskets. This strategy is not purely technical, I observe the news concerning EUR and CHF daily. The system is optimized for a maximal profit vs. drawdown ratio.
However, after deeper analysis ....read more

€25 No Deposit Gold Bonus For Grab

free-forex-no-deposit-bonusRisk Free Gold Trading? Why not! Keep on reading.
Plus500 is a leading provider of Contracts For Difference (CFD). It is owned by Plus500UK Ltd which is a United Kingdom based company with offices located in London. The company was founded in 2008 and only after 3 years it has reached over 1 million traders. Plus500UK is ‘authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The company is a fast growing CFD provider not only in Europe but also in Asia. There are over 1000 trading instruments offered to over a million clients. Traders are able to choose their favorite instruments from CFD, forex, shares, indices and commodities.
€25 No Deposit Bonus For Gold Trading

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Zulutrade Followers Are Greedy, That´s Why They Are Losing!

zulutrade-losing-traderSearch Internet and you can find many complains from investors who lost their money on forex social investment network Zulutrade. You may read comments like: “signal provider changed his trading strategy”, “Zulutrade is scam”, “forex social traders on Zulutrade only chase their commissions”….etc.
It is true that many signal providers on this network use highly risky trading systems and so they can achieve ROIs like 100%, 350% or even 1,000% p.a. But that´s also one of reasons so many people are attracted to them, because they simply wish to double or triple their investing capital very fast. They are after quick money. Read more....

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aussie Forex Trader With 100% p.a.

It is time for some Zulutrade news. In this article we´ll review one of Zulutrade traders Aussie Investor. It has been 2 months since our last review of this signal provider. To better track his progress we´ll compare his pips earnings.

End of July 2014:
Pips: 744
End of September 2014:
Pips: 998

That is +254 profit in 2 months.  Maximum drawdown is currently 21% (206 pips). In average Aussie Investor makes 8 pips per trade.  Annualized ROI according to Zulutrade stats is 100%. Read more...