My Millionaire Mission

I have a Vision to Turn a Small investment $1,000 into $1,000,000 in next 10 years, hopefully in less like 6 or 7 years time frame.
So Now I have my Mission. How am I going to achieve that?

I am going to use a power of compounding. Read more about it in my article

And here is The Plan:

After each month if there are earnings I will recalculate and increase my lot size according
to my risk which should be no more than 5% per trade.

This way I will speed up my earnings in the long run.
I expect to make at least 10% profit monthly, which would normally return 120% a year:
But if I compound 10% monthly it will return 200% a year!!

Let´s do some calculations now.

Starting capital: $1,000
Profit: 10% monthly and compounded

So this is what you get:

1. year: $3,138
2. year: $9,000
5. years: $243,000
7. years: $2,187,000

So this is my plan and my mission. Now all that I need is a patience and persistance.
I believe this is possible to be done. If you wish to follow me and auto-copy my trades just check my Signal Provider Portfolio and join me.

Happy Trading :)