Friday, February 27, 2015

Hypothetical Forex Scenario

Imagine this hypothetical scenario:

You are a signal provider and couple of thousands of followers have invested their money to copy your trades. Everything goes well, you are more than 7,000 pips in profit and your followers love you.
Suddenly, you experience a HUGE drawdown, your 29 open trades goes so deep that they not only wipe all of your current profit, but you even go next 20,000 pips into negative territory!
During this wild roller coaster ride, hundreds if not thousands of your followers receive margin call and their open trades are closed.  They lose many thousands of dollars.
Market turns and your open trade losses recover and you publish following statement to your followers: read more....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Earn € 1 Million On Forex Almost Without Using Own Money

If you search Google for "how to earn 1 million on Forex" you can get informations like....take €10,000, use some profitable trading strategy, earn 10% every month....and in 5 years you´ll have your million.

It is cool, that is a normal way to make a million by trading forex market. But what if I do not have or want to invest €10,000 as my initial capital?

First I will describe couple of steps you need to make and then I will show you one example.
Note, that this plan doesn´t require a lot of can start with only €100!!!

1. Register as InstaForex partner

This is a necessary step so you will be able to earn commissions in future. Go to InstaForex and click on Partners section. Register as a Partner.

2. Open live InstaForex trading account

If you have completed step #1, use your Partner´s link (in form: , where instead of EVDL use your personal code)
Now, copy that link to your internet browser and open your Instaforex trading account. That way you will be able to receive 1.5 pips commissions from your own trades.

3. Register as a PAMM trader

Now when you have your InstaForex trading account , log in to your client area and register as a PAMM trader. Afterwards you´ll be able to accept money from investors and trade with them.

4. Deposit money to your trading account

As I mentioned above, you need to deposit €100 to start.

5. Begin trading
To attract investors and their money you need to prove your trading skills first. Once they see you have a quality trading system and you are able to make money for them, they will be glad to invest with you.

Those were first steps that are necessary. Now I explain the plan in detail.

Simply, you take your €100, some good trading strategy and you trade.

As you completed steps mentioned above, you are now able to receive 1.5 pips commission from every trade you execute. (that is 1.5 usd for 1 instalot, 15 usd for 10 instalots...).

That kind of money are ok, however things become more interesting once your investors come to invest with you. How and where from?

Well, Instaforex maintain profitable PAMM traders ranking (remember, you also registered as a PAMM trader). If your trading strategy is good enough and you´ll start earning let´s say 10% monthly, after few months, investors will notice you for sure. Advantage of PAMM system is that money of your investors goes directly to your trading account.
And you can earn 1.5 pips commissions on those money too. Those are your daily profits!

Small Example:

Imagine that your trading strategy makes you 5% profit monthly. You trade your €100 and after 6 months your total profit is 30%. That is already attractive performance for many investors. So you gain 20, 50 or 200 investors. Altogether they invest €2 million. Those money are now on your trading account and you trade with them. Of course you adjust your lot size.

For example: Your money management dictates you not to risk more than 5% of your capital on a single trade. Until now (when your balance was €100) you could have risked €5 per trade only. Let´s say your stoploss was 50 pips, so your lot size was 0.1 Instalot. Your commission for one trade was  1.5 x 0.1 = 0.15 eur (15 cents)

However, now you manage € 2 milion. Your 5% risk is now €100,000 per trade. As  SL is 50 pips, your lot size is 2000 Instalots. Your commission on each trade would be € 3000 !! Nice amount, isn´t it?

How many trades monthly you can make? Some forex strategies execute 5 trades monthly, some 100 trades each month. For purposes of this example, let´s pretend you take 40 trades monthly.

In that case, your monthly income will be: 40 x 3000 = €120,000

That would mean, that in less than one year you could earn € 1 million on Forex market almost without using your own money. Interesting, isn´t it?

It is possible, but it requires a profitable trading strategy, good money management and self discipline. Of course, above example is based on fact that you attract €2 million of investors money. That can happen or not. Or it can take little longer...1, 2 or 3 years.

Maybe your investors invest "only" € 200,000 euro and your monthly income will be "only" €12,000.

Maybe they invest only €2,000 and you earn €120 monthly. Who knows.

One thing is for sure. If you wish to earn €1 million on Forex and you do not possess €10,000 to start with, this is a real opportunity worth trying.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Only 50 Pips Monthly Can Earn You Millions

Do you realize that if you earn only 50 pips monthly, your account can grow by 60% p.a. and soon you can have millions on your trading account?

Learn more: