Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Earn 100% ROI Profit Risk Free in 2013

Here is a quick tip that can earn you 100% profit in 2013. You can do it by copying other profitable traders on one of the largest forex social investment networks Zulutrade. There are thousands of traders (signal providers) to choose from, but to make 100% profit you can use a simple diversification strategy. Follow and copy first 15 traders in Zulutrade ranking. See the screenshot below for real data earnings. That would be your profit if you have followed those traders. (click on the image to enlarge)


Play with Zulu simulator yourself to better understand the potential. As you can see you would set your lot size for almost all selected traders to 0.01 (1 microlot) so your investment would be very secure. Also as you can see from the graph, your maximum drawdown for the full time period would be very low, always much less than 10%. You can also add more providers as Zulutrade has no limit how many traders you can copy. To select other signal providers click on TRADERS and then on SIMULATE. You can create your own investment portfolio that suits your risk preferences. You can choose more risky traders and your profit can be more than 100%.