Saturday, January 3, 2015

How To Double My Money In 2015

EURSpoonTake one spoon of EUR/USD profits daily and in one year you´ll have a very healthy balance. Literally, you will more than double your initial investment. That is exactly what polish signal provider “EUR Spoon” did during last year on social investment network Zulutrade. His efforts were rewarded by becoming Zulutrade´s new Number One.
Trading Strategy:
EUR Spoon is a low risk forex trader. Currently his maximum drawdown is only 6% (82 pips) while profit after one year is 1,354 pips.  The trader only trades one currency pair – EUR/USD. Usually he opens one trade and if StopLoss is hit, he doesn´t trade any more during that day.
StopLoss is never more than 40 pips, but profits are often 3, 4 or even 5 times bigger. Worst trade was -40 pips, on the other side best one brought in +207 pips of pure profit.
In average, more