Monday, July 30, 2012

Forex Auto Trading on your iPhone or iPad app

Zulutrade lets you connect to thousands of best forex traders worldwide, allowing you to auto follow their trades, real-time, directly executed in your live account and for FREE.

Now it is compatible with 46 brokers worldwide such as:


$150 Bil in real transactions and almost  $100 Mil in deposits to date are sharing trades in, the largest Forex sharing online network on earth!

This iPad - iPhone Zulutrade Application Features:

- Platforms supported: Interactive brokers, Saxotrader (all platforms), Metatrader 4, Ducascopy platform, Act Forex platform.FXCM trading station,
- Trade manually your broker account, or receive trades from  traders within the network
- Link your existing trading account and trade manually through your Metatrader or any other platform.
- Open, close and edit your manually traded positions.
- Trade History with performance charts and many comparing options.
- Automatic execution of choosen trading systems signals without need having to monitor the Market 24/7.
- Utilize strategies and exchange models from well over 30,000 systems - traders, also including a wide array of EAs.
- Diversify your risk among multiple Currency Pairs and Strategies.
- Utilize the unique Margin Call-o-Meter to control your risks.
- Customize preferred trade lot size for Signal Provider execution.
- Ability to manually close your trades received from Signal Providers.
- Manually adjust  Stops and Limits.
- Conveniently reverse bad signals!
-Live charts with technical indicators support.
- 24/05 Multi-lingual Support in 12 languages (Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)
- Support integration with online chat built-in.

** NOTE **
If you are experiencing crash problems during the login, please un-install this application and re-install it again.

iPhone and iPad app screenshots:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What they say about Zulutrade

In case you do not know Zulutrade. It is a very unique concept of service where you can follow and auto-copy trades of the best performing forex traders. See Performance Page.

Here is what some users said:

"What I like about ZuluTrade, is that I’ve stopped making decisions. Less stress is better for me…"
Kostas Drakoulis
ZuluTrade user

"ZuluTrade is the future of investing. I’ve started to autotrade my account and finally I can get some sleep."
James Lopez
ZuluTrade user

"There are thousands of trading systems online claiming profit. I invite them to join Zulu, to prove their results (and autotrade them for free ;-)"
Francois Durrand
ZuluTrade user

"ZuluTrade’s full of gorgeous traders. Too bad my account can’t fit them all :-("
Elizabeth Kabogo
ZuluTrade user

 You could also read or seen Zulutrade in the well-known media like: MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, DowJones, Los Angeles Times,Wall Street Letter or CNNMoney 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trading Quotes

Some useful quotes related to forex or any other trading to help you clear your mind, gain a new perspective and make a better trades.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved."
...Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "Patience is the greatest of all virtues."
    ...Cato the Elder

"Casinos do not win on every roll of the dice either."
...Larry Williams

"It takes a long time to bring excellence to maturity."
...Publilius Syrus

    "A successful speculator plays a waiting game."
    ...Larry Williams

    "There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness."
    ...Franz Kafka

"If you ever have to ask someone else's opinion on a trade, you shouldn't be in it."
...Linda Bradford Raschke

"Feel the fear and do it anyway."
...Susan Jeffers

    "Why keep a system and do all that work if you're not going to follow it?"
    ...Larry Williams

    "Failure is only postponed success as long as courage coaches ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory."
    ...Herbert Kaufman

    "What worries you masters you."
    ...Haddon W. Robinson

"Writing down your trades is the best exercise in the world."
...Linda Bradford Raschke

"Maybe the most any of us can expect of ourselves isn't perfection but progress."
...Michelle Burford

    "The markets can be understood looking backward but must be traded looking forward."
    ...Larry Williams

Friday, July 27, 2012

DrawDown, Earnings and Zulutrade: Less is More?

Definition of 'Drawdown' :

The peak-to-trough decline during a specific period of an investment, fund, currency or commodity. A drawdown is usually quoted as the percentage between the peak and the trough.

If you are going to follow any traders (signal providers ) on Zulutrade you will probably look for their earnings. But sometimes more important factor to look for is their DrawDown.
Because a strange thing can happen. Signal Provider with less earnings can make you more profit that signal provider with more earnings! Why?

This has something to do with earnings, drawdown, risk and bankroll management. Check our example below to learn more.

Let´s assume that one would like to trade with a sound Bankroll Management (BRM) and is willing to risk only 2% of his capital per trade.

Now we have 2 SPs (signal providers). Your starting capital is, let´s say $5000.

Signal provider #1
Annual earnings 5000 pips
DD is 20% (means his last worst trade was loss 1000pips! Some traders do not use a StopLoss to generate more profit)
You risk only 2% of your bank (which is $100) you must expect 1000 pips loss again. Your lot size then should be only 0,01 lot (1 microlot)

Signal provider #2
Annual earnings 500 pips
DD is 10% (worst trade 50 pips)
You risk 2% of your bank ($100) with worst trade of 50 pips you can afford to set your lot size to 0,2 (2 minilots)

SP #1 earned 5,000 pips  and SP #2 earned only 500 pips

Now compare your real earnings:
SP #1 : 5000pips while using 1 micro lot/trade gives you $500
SP #2 : 500pips while using 2 mini lots /trade gives you $1000

So when using a proper BRM, sometimes SP with less pips earned gives you more profit than SP with more pips but bigger DD.

Anybody can decide :)

People tend to make a big mistake. They choose SPs with huge earnings to get rich quick. But when a big Drawdown happens they accounts get wiped out.

My advice is to check DD carefully, set your lot size to a safe size and enjoy steady profits.
If you wish to earn much more you can use a power of compounding .

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Power of Compounding or Turn 1k into 1Million

Albert Einstein once said: “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”

So why don´t use it and turn a small investment of $1,000 into a 1 Million or more?

One example:

Monthly forex earnings: 100 pips
Starting Bankroll: 1,000 USD, EUR etc
Signal Provider uses 50 pips StopLoss

You decide to risk only 5% of your bankroll per trade, which is 50usd.
So you set your Lot size to 1 mini lot.

After 1 month you earn 100 pips, which aprox. equals to 100usd.

So you have just made 10% of your Bankroll (BR)

Now you have $1,100.

So as you risk 5% per trade, which is now $55 you can increase your lot size to 1.1 mini lot.

After second month and 100 pips earnings you earn $110 usd

Now you have $1,210 and you can increase your lot size to 1.2 mini lot.

And so on....

Let´s do some calculations now.

This way you earn about 10% of your BR monthly.

Normaly it would be $1,200 /year , but if you compound your earnings monthly as shown above, you earn $2,138 usd , so your total BR after one year will be $3,138 !!!

Do you see the difference, instead of 100% profit you get 200%.

Now you can play with any interest calculator and see yourself how much you can earn in couple of years.

Just a sneak preview of total size of your BR if compounding 10% monthly:
Starting capital: $1,000
1. year: $3,138
2. year: $9,000
5. years: $243,000
7. years: $2,187,000

Now here comes question...what is a max. lot size allowed by your broker, because it is obvious you can not go to billions, but I quess you have realized by now that with a reliable SP that do not risk your money with huge DrawDown, little starting capital and patience you can become rich in 5,6,7 or eight years.

Enjoy and Happy Trading :)

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