Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Easy Steps To Your First Million

We are trading forex and offer you an unique and powerful concept that can earn you $1 Million.

Our formula for success is:
Our trading strategy + Your little investment + Something what Albert Einstein called "The Most Powerful Force In The Universe" (compound interest) + Time = Your First Million

Our Strategy: Forex Trend Following Price Action with targeted ROI 100% per year.
Your Investment: $300 (or more if you wish to speed up the whole process)
Compound Interest: reinvested earnings every year so you double your capital every year
Time: To earn $1 Millions we project at least 11 years. (if started with $300)

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be on your way to your first million and financial freedom.

Step #1

Open your Zulutrade account that will enable you to auto-copy our trades on your broker account.
We recommend you AAAFX broker account as you will receive 10% bonus on your deposit + AAAFX as one of the lowest slippage when copying trades.
If you have any troubles with opening your account just contact Zulutrade support.

Step #2

Deposit $300 in your broker account.
Remember, we do not have access to your broker account. Also you can withdraw all your money or earnings if you wish at any time.

Step #3

Add us as your Zulutrade Signal Provider.
Our signal provider name is Enjoy The Life.
Simply login to your Zulutrade account, go to your SETTINGS page, click ADD SIGNAL PROVIDER.
You will be taken to Zulutrade performance page. Write Enjoy The Life to search box. When our signal provider page is displayed just click ADD TO PORTFOLIO.
Or click directly on the link above and add us from there.

Step #4

Set Your Lot Size.
If you start with $300 you need to set your lot size to 1 micro lot (0.01 of standard lot)
Login to your Zulutrade account, go to SETTINGS page, click ADVANCED SETTINGS and set your lot size to 1 microlot, max. open trades to 6 and you set your StopLoss to 100. I always use stoploss 100 pips, this is just for your double security :)
If you wish to start with bigger deposit just set 1 microlot for every $300 in your account.
For example: if you start with $3,000 you set 10 micro lots which is equal to 1 mini lot.

Step #5

Double Your Lot Size Every Year.
After 12 months, when we earn you 100%, all you need to do is to go to your SETTINGS page and double your lot size. So after 1 year you change to 2 micro lots, after 2 years to 4 micro lots etc.
Of course you will do that only if your capital is doubled too.

And that´s it. Once you complete these 5 easy steps you will be done. Now all you need is a little patience.
If you have chosen AAAFX as your broker you will receive Account Statement email every day, so you can check our progress.

Enjoy and Happy Trading :)