Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Create Safe&Profitable Portfolio Strategy on Zulutrade

A lot of people is asking for a good Zulutrade strategy and signal providers.
We decided to offer you one safe and profitable strategy for Zulutrade and build an unique portfolio of signal providers based on following criteria:

Max. open trades: 2
Max drawdown: 20% but worst trade no more than 120 pips
Necessary Minimum Equity: less than $60 per micro lot
Equity chart has to be growing
Slippage less than 1 pip

We picked up 3 signal providers with different trading strategies:
Analyst Eur

We did backtesting for you and bellow are results.

Starting capital : $1,000
Period: Oct. 04, 2011 - Aug. 29, 2012
Result: Your Profit (ROI) would be $836,85 (83,7%)