Friday, August 3, 2012

Partner/Affiliate with Zulutrade

ZuluTrade Affiliates Program. An Affiliate can either be an individual user or a corporation that participates in ZuluTrade’s Affiliate Program, promoting their service. Affiliates register for this program and then choose their unique URL (fore example: as a unique web page address which they advertise/promote. By promoting ZuluTrade, Affiliatesr efer  clients (family, friends, new users) to ZuluTrade’s FOREX auto-trading service.

Attractive Forex affiliate program

    - 10,000 affiliates
    - Autotrading leaders
    - Worldwide recognition
    - NFA Member and CFTC Registered

Earn generous commission up to 1 pip per trade

    - 1 pip per trade for AAAFx accounts
    - 0.4 pips per trade for all other brokers

Highest conversion rate from demo to live!
    - 7% conversion from demo to live
    - 600% higher than the current industry rate

Access to 54 Forex brokers

    - 1 affiliate registration gives you access to 54 brokers
    - Adding new FX brokers every month

Affiliates receive a generous commission of either 0.4 pips or 1 pip depending on the Broker (which is equivalent to approximately $3 and $7.5 per lot for standard accounts), for each closed trade executed in their Live follower account who signed up through their Affiliate url. ZuluTrade provides its Affiliates with resources, support, guidelines, banners and logos which can be easily integrated into your personal website pages in order to promote.

The Zulutrade Affiliate Program offers a lucrative way to supplement monthly earnings. The Program is flexible; therefore depending on your time and effort you are willing to commit, so you can enjoy equivalently earnings.

Become an Affiliate