Thursday, August 30, 2012

Truth About Secret Forex Indicator

The real truth about Secret Forex Indicator is that while the indicators that you use on the charting platforms may seem like helpful, they are not because they are extremely Lag and will restraint your trading.

You can find this quite illogical and very hard to believe. I myself would have disbelieved if someone were to tell me something like this during my initial period of forex trading.

When I began with forex trading, I tried many indicators , attempting to make some money in forex market. Its a very common mistake that most starting traders make.

Most traders treated the chart indicators as some type of fortuneteller and they believe it can actually predict the future of this market, but that is wrong again because nobody can predict the market behaviour and movement even in the next 5 minutes!

You must learn to understand how price action movements really work. These price movements then can be used to predict where the price is heading. You should realize that a simple bar candle and chart is all you need for technical trading. Forget Secret Forex Indicators, Price action is the basics of trading and alone can lead you through the right path.

You want some to learn some secret?

Hints are: secret + albert einstein+ money + forex +autopilot = financial freedom

Just download our free ebook and you will find out soon.

Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Create Safe&Profitable Portfolio Strategy on Zulutrade

A lot of people is asking for a good Zulutrade strategy and signal providers.
We decided to offer you one safe and profitable strategy for Zulutrade and build an unique portfolio of signal providers based on following criteria:

Max. open trades: 2
Max drawdown: 20% but worst trade no more than 120 pips
Necessary Minimum Equity: less than $60 per micro lot
Equity chart has to be growing
Slippage less than 1 pip

We picked up 3 signal providers with different trading strategies:
Analyst Eur

We did backtesting for you and bellow are results.

Starting capital : $1,000
Period: Oct. 04, 2011 - Aug. 29, 2012
Result: Your Profit (ROI) would be $836,85 (83,7%)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Signal Provider Analyst EUR review

We recommend this Zulutrade Signal Provider:
Analyst EUR


This provider has generated 1,300 pip profit in last 3 months. His winning percentage is 79%. His max. drawdown is 9% only. That is excellent. Average profit per trade is 11 pips. He has over 800 followers and more than $1 million on follower´s accounts. Necessary minimum equity needed for 1 micro lot is $55.
His trading strategy is described as intraday trend following system.

More info....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free Ebook: The Secret Revealed - 5 Easy Steps To Your Million

What is this biggest secret revealed now to you?

Download our free ebook and find out yourself.

You will learn 5 easy steps to create wealth on autopilot.

You want some hints?

Ok...hints are: secret + albert einstein+ money + forex +autopilot = financial freedom

Just download our free ebook and you will find out soon.

Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Easy Steps To Your First Million

We are trading forex and offer you an unique and powerful concept that can earn you $1 Million.

Our formula for success is:
Our trading strategy + Your little investment + Something what Albert Einstein called "The Most Powerful Force In The Universe" (compound interest) + Time = Your First Million

Our Strategy: Forex Trend Following Price Action with targeted ROI 100% per year.
Your Investment: $300 (or more if you wish to speed up the whole process)
Compound Interest: reinvested earnings every year so you double your capital every year
Time: To earn $1 Millions we project at least 11 years. (if started with $300)

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be on your way to your first million and financial freedom.

Step #1

Open your Zulutrade account that will enable you to auto-copy our trades on your broker account.
We recommend you AAAFX broker account as you will receive 10% bonus on your deposit + AAAFX as one of the lowest slippage when copying trades.
If you have any troubles with opening your account just contact Zulutrade support.

Step #2

Deposit $300 in your broker account.
Remember, we do not have access to your broker account. Also you can withdraw all your money or earnings if you wish at any time.

Step #3

Add us as your Zulutrade Signal Provider.
Our signal provider name is Enjoy The Life.
Simply login to your Zulutrade account, go to your SETTINGS page, click ADD SIGNAL PROVIDER.
You will be taken to Zulutrade performance page. Write Enjoy The Life to search box. When our signal provider page is displayed just click ADD TO PORTFOLIO.
Or click directly on the link above and add us from there.

Step #4

Set Your Lot Size.
If you start with $300 you need to set your lot size to 1 micro lot (0.01 of standard lot)
Login to your Zulutrade account, go to SETTINGS page, click ADVANCED SETTINGS and set your lot size to 1 microlot, max. open trades to 6 and you set your StopLoss to 100. I always use stoploss 100 pips, this is just for your double security :)
If you wish to start with bigger deposit just set 1 microlot for every $300 in your account.
For example: if you start with $3,000 you set 10 micro lots which is equal to 1 mini lot.

Step #5

Double Your Lot Size Every Year.
After 12 months, when we earn you 100%, all you need to do is to go to your SETTINGS page and double your lot size. So after 1 year you change to 2 micro lots, after 2 years to 4 micro lots etc.
Of course you will do that only if your capital is doubled too.

And that´s it. Once you complete these 5 easy steps you will be done. Now all you need is a little patience.
If you have chosen AAAFX as your broker you will receive Account Statement email every day, so you can check our progress.

Enjoy and Happy Trading :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Forex ROI 460% Earnings on Zulutrade

ROI, ROI, ROI...everybody is talking about ROI :)

Nice, nice, very nice.

If you have followed my trades on Zulutrade, your ROI would be 124% for last 3 months.
Annualized ROI (Return On Investment) would be whooping 460%!!
(just see a screenshot below, click to enlarge)

What is ROI?
ROI is the ratio of money gained or lost relative to the amount of money invested.
If for example, signal provider has a ROI of 100% past 3 months, annualized returns are 100% x 4 quarters, assuming that the provider will gain the same performance over a period of 12 months.

Click to Auto-Follow My Trades


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Margin Call -o- meter on Zulutrade

I have seen many followers on Zulutrade to risk they capital. They simply choose to follow too many signal providers and do not realize that if some of those providers get big drawdown, they can receive a margin call from their broker.

What is Margin Call?

Definition of Margin Call says that it is a very bad situation, when the floating loss in your account is threatening the $ amount reserved by your broker, to keep your positions opened (also called as necessary margin).
Note that if you get a margin call, your broker will close all your positions. So even if your signal provider might close those positions later with profit, you end up with loss.

Many people lost huge amounts of money by following too many signal providers and receiving a margin call.

But you can simply avoid this situation by using Zulutrade´s Margin Call -o- meter.

You can find this tool in My Account > Settings.

Simply keep your Marfin Call -o- meter level below 80% and you will be safe.

See the screenshot below to see how it looks like.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Target is 1% DrawDown

My Zulutrade Signal Provider Account is JustFollowTrend

StopLoss: always max. 50pips
TargetProfit: 10-15 pips
Max. 1 open trade
I do not trade Fridays

My main interest is to trade safely and protect your capital.
My target goal is to reach less than 1% DrawDown so your forex investing is almost risk-free. .

Click Here to see my full stats or to autotrade my signals on your account.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forex Reward: 2013 BMW 6-series Coupe Video

Fancy this brand new BMW 6 Gran Coupe? Need more money to buy one? No problem.

We trade on Forex, where return 100% a year is possible.

Just join us, auto-copy our trades and soon you will drive this beauty.

Reward yourself ...realize your dreams on Forex

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Necessary Minimum Equity or How To Compare Zulutrade Signals

It is very important to pick the best suitable trader to follow when risking your own money.
There are many ways to choose and compare performance of ZuluTrade´s Signal Providers.
You can do so by factors like: profit, drawdown, max. open trades, win ratio, win/loss ratio etc.

But Zulutrade offers you another important statistical factor.

It is Necessary Minimum Equity. This number is calculated by Zulutrade and considers Signal Provider´s previous performance. In short it tells you: what Minimum capital is required to trade that provider if you trade with micro lots.

You can find this number in Signal Provider´s performance page in statistic tab.
Go to ZuluTrade performance page, click on any provider´s name and on his performance page look in bottom of statistics tab on the left side of page.

How to use Necessary Minimum Equity to compare providers:

Here is the way to use this info to compare providers.


Provider #1
Total profit 21,500 pips
Necessary Min. Equity: $1,480

Total profit 1,120 pips
Necessary Min Equity: $50

Your starting balance is $1,500

At first sight Provider #1 is better choice because his earnings are much better.
Now how it looks if we consider Necessary Minimum Equity?

Provider #1 : You have to have $1,480 for every micro lot to trade this provider safely.
It is all your starting capital, so you can trade 1 microlot only. That means that his generated profit 21,500 pips gives you $2,150 profit, not bad right?

Provider #2: To trade safely this provider you have to have $50 for every micro lot .So you are able to trade 30 micro lots or 3 mini lots.
Now, he generated profit 1,120 pips, with 3 mini lots it gives you profit $3,360 !

Things are not as they looked at first sight, right? Beware that there are a lot of providers who seems to generate huge returns, but if you want to trade them safely you have to go for micro lots and then they earn you much less than other responsible traders who have less earnings in pips but also small Necessary Minimum Equity indicator.

Auto-Copy my trades. My Necessary Minimum Equity is $46 only!

Happy Trading :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

FX Rate Charts

One of the best and most easy to read and use forex rate charts can be found on Zulutrade website.


- other charts: AUS200, GER30, NAS100, UK100, US OIL, ESP35, ITA40, SPX500, UK OIL, XAG/USD, FRA40, JPN225, SWE30, US30, XAU/USD

- overlay function
- zoom: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, all time
- period: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min 1 hour, 4 hour, daily, weekly, monthly
- chart type: candlesticks, kaji, line
- indicators: SMA, EMA, Bollinger bands, Par SAR, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Fibonacci, ADX, ATR
- you can draw and edit color lines

Go to Zulutrade Rate Charts


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Want New Car? Earn It On Forex!

What is your dream?

"It´s a brand new car" you reply. But you do not have enough cash for it?

I would say "No problem, Earn it on Forex"

"I do not know how to trade" you say.

Well, I can help and I will show you how to do auto-trading on Forex.

So, let´s solve your "car problems" :)

1. I do not know how to trade Forex

There is an unique service Zulutrade where you can pick among hundreds of skilled Forex traders and autocopy their trades on your broker account.  See the Zulutrade Performance Ranking site to see how they trade.
You can Open Account , it is Free.

2. I do not have enough money to trade

How much money do you think you need to trade with?
Do you know that you can get much, much bigger return on Forex than in your bank?
How about 50% or 100% a year? No kidding!
Or, have you heard about Power of Compounding? It can turn 100% into 200% p.a.
You say, you do not even have any starting capital?

Ok, I am going to show you 3 examples here. Let´s assume you wish to buy a brand new car worth €50,000 euro (dollars or any other currency you wish)

First scenario:
Your starting capital : €50,000
You choose a trader with 100% p.a. return
So obviously, you auto-copy his trades for one year, you earn €50.000 in profit.
You withdraw your profit and buy a new car. You can continue to trade with your initial trading capital or withdraw it too.

Second scenario:
Your starting capital: €10,000
Again you choose a trader with 100% p.a. return.
Now you have 2 options:
1. Earn €10,000 each year, so after 5 years you will be able to buy your new car
2. Use Power of Compounding , re-invest your earnings monthly and get €50k in about 2 years.

Third scenario:
You really do not have much money so your starting capital is only €1,000
Again you choose a trader with 100% p.a. return
Now even with such huge ROI, it would take you a long time to get your €50k.
So you use Power of Compounding, re-invest monthly and you could buy your brand new €50k worth car in about 4 and half years.

Does it sound good to you? I bet it does.

Check My Portfolio or choose other traders on Zulutrade.

Happy investing and enjoy your new car.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Forex Signals: Spread Fee or Montly Subscription?

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a good signal provider (SP) is a cost of their service.
In general there are 2 types of signal provider services.

1. Paid from spread fee - you pay for their service from spreads of each trade

2. Paid from monthly subscription fee - when choosing this kind of provider, you pay one monthly flat fee, regardless number of trades during month.

The question is which option to choose.

Well, that depends on your starting capital, lot size and signal provider´s behavior.

Let´s do some comparations.

Example #1:

SP# 1 
spread fee: 2 pips
monthly trades: 25
avg. monthly profit: 100 pips
according to his drawdown and your risk settings your lot size : 1 minilot
your starting capital : $1,000

So you earn 100 pips which when using 1 mini lot is approx. $100 monthly profit.
You pay 2 pips fee/trade . There is 25 trades a month so you pay 50 pips in fee, that equals about $50.
Your profit is $100 - $50 in fees = $50/month

SP# 2
monthly fee: $50
monthly trades: 25
avg. monthly profit: 100 pips
according to his drawdown and your risk settings your lot size : 1 minilot
your starting capital : $1,000

So you earn 100 pips which when using 1 mini lot is approx. $100 monthly profit.
Monthly fee is $50, so your total profit for month is $100 - $50 = $50

As you can see in this example results are same.

But what if your starting capital was $5,000? Let´s see in example #2

Example #2 :

SP# 1 
spread fee: 2 pips
monthly trades: 25
avg. monthly profit: 100 pips
according to his drawdown and your risk settings your lot size : 5 minilots
your starting capital : $5,000

So you earn 100 pips which when using 5 mini lot is approx. $500 monthly profit.
You pay 2 pips fee/trade . There is 25 trades a month so you pay 50 pips in fee, that equals about $250. (remember your lot size is 5 mini lots now)
Your profit is $500 - $250 in fees = $250/month

SP# 2
monthly fee: $50
monthly trades: 25
avg. monthly profit: 100 pips
according to his drawdown and your risk settings your lot size : 5 mini lots
your starting capital : $5,000

So you earn 100 pips which when using 5 mini lots is approx. $500 monthly profit.
Monthly fee is $50, so your total profit for month is $500 - $50 = $450In this example we get a huge different result when SP#2 brings you $200 more in total monthly profit.

Now, do not assume that monthly fee is better if you have larger account. Always consider all factors like: your starting capital, risk management, your lot size, fee, SP´s behavior (profit, drawdown, number of trades).

If you are looking for good signal providers here are some services that offer thousands of good SPs to choose from:

Spread fee:

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
You can see my complete SP Zulutrade portfolio here

Monthly fee


My SP portfolio on ZipSignals is CalmXTrader - TrendFollower (search for me)

My SP portfolio is CashGenerator

Monday, August 6, 2012

Forex Currency Economic Calendar Events

Are you trading on Forex market?

You should be aware of upcoming economic news and reports relating to your currency pair as they
can have a huge impact on your profit/loss.

Click the link below to find out upcoming economic forex news from all over the world for next days.

You can filter news and reports by:

- date
- currency: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, CNY, Global
- impact  : non-economic, low impact, medium impact, high impact
- timezone

Forex Economic Calendar

Friday, August 3, 2012

Partner/Affiliate with Zulutrade

ZuluTrade Affiliates Program. An Affiliate can either be an individual user or a corporation that participates in ZuluTrade’s Affiliate Program, promoting their service. Affiliates register for this program and then choose their unique URL (fore example: as a unique web page address which they advertise/promote. By promoting ZuluTrade, Affiliatesr efer  clients (family, friends, new users) to ZuluTrade’s FOREX auto-trading service.

Attractive Forex affiliate program

    - 10,000 affiliates
    - Autotrading leaders
    - Worldwide recognition
    - NFA Member and CFTC Registered

Earn generous commission up to 1 pip per trade

    - 1 pip per trade for AAAFx accounts
    - 0.4 pips per trade for all other brokers

Highest conversion rate from demo to live!
    - 7% conversion from demo to live
    - 600% higher than the current industry rate

Access to 54 Forex brokers

    - 1 affiliate registration gives you access to 54 brokers
    - Adding new FX brokers every month

Affiliates receive a generous commission of either 0.4 pips or 1 pip depending on the Broker (which is equivalent to approximately $3 and $7.5 per lot for standard accounts), for each closed trade executed in their Live follower account who signed up through their Affiliate url. ZuluTrade provides its Affiliates with resources, support, guidelines, banners and logos which can be easily integrated into your personal website pages in order to promote.

The Zulutrade Affiliate Program offers a lucrative way to supplement monthly earnings. The Program is flexible; therefore depending on your time and effort you are willing to commit, so you can enjoy equivalently earnings.

Become an Affiliate

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NordFx Zulutrade AutoTrading Account

By opening a NordFx ZuluTrade account the client gets a very unique opportunity to autotrade on the FX market and use the know-how of best forex traders – market specialists. The client has full control of his ZuluTrade account, including automatic and manual trade. The access to viewing and analyzing trading strategies used by fx market experts is one of the factors that make this auto trading service popular.

Trading Terms:

    $50/€50 minimum deposit;
    44 currency pairs plus gold, silver;
    Spreads starting from 1 pip;
    2 pips commission from increased spread;
    Credit leverage up to 1:200;
    Minimal lot size 0.01;
    Maximum lot size 50, step 0.01;
    Maximum position volume – no limit;
    Max. number of opened positions and pending orders - no limit;
    Margin Call and Stop Out levels 40%/20%;
    No Trailing Stop function.

Open Account