Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forex Affiliate Program Reviews

Silver Investment Fund forex affiliate program reviews. Currently there are 3 different SIF forex affiliate program payment plans.

Payment plan #1: SIF PAMM affiliate program reviews
This payment plan pays 80% affiliate commissions from profits generated by SIF PAMM account.


SIF PAMM affiliate refers  Investor Tom. This investor Tom decides to invest $50,000.
After couple of months SIF PAMM grows 30%.  Investor Tom decides to withdraw his profit and lets his initial investment continue to work for him. His profit was $15,000. From this profit he pays a commission to SIF PAMM fund, which is 20% = $3,000.
80% of those $3,000 goes to the affiliate who referred Tom. So this affiliate has just earned $2,400.
Note: That Tom left his initial deposit invested, so affiliate can earn more commissions from future profits.
How to become SIF PAMM affiliate :
1) Register as a InstaForex PAMM partner
2) Create your affiliate link or widget via your client cabinet in “PAMM system” section. In PAMM monitoring search for “Silver Investment Fund”
3) Your affiliate link for promoting Silver Investment Fund would look like this: (where FGUV will be replaced by your unique affiliate code)

Payment Plan #2: SIF Zulutrade Affiliate program reviews
SIF Zulutrade Affiliates promote Silver Investment Fund signal provider account.  Affiliates earn up to 1 pip per trade.
SIF Zulutrade affiliate refers follower Tom. Follower Tom opens his broker account with AAAFx broker and decides to follow trading signals of SIF fund.  Tom sets his lot size to 1 standard lot per trade. SIF fund executes 20 trades / month.
Affiliate who referred Tom gets paid 1 pip per trade.  1 pip for standard lot size is worth approx. $10. So affiliate earns $10/trade.
There are 20 trades executed on Tom´s account, so affiliate earns $10 x 20= $200/monthly.
Affiliate will earn this income as long as Tom is following our signals.  This income can even grow when Tom increases his lot size from his profits, or if Tom adds other signal providers from Zulutrade´s ranking  to his portfolio.
How to become SIF Zulutrade affiliate:
1) Register as Zulutrade affiliate
2) Start promoting Silver Investment Fund´s performance page: (replace YourCode with your aff. code you created during registration process)

Payment Plan #3: InstaForex Affiliate program reviews

InstaForex Affiliate makes money by referring new forex traders to InstaForex broker.
Affiliate gets paid 1.5 pips per trade of his referrals.


Affiliate refers trader Tom. Tom trades and he is using standard lot size. So affiliate earns $15 per every trade Tom executes.
Tom executes 3 trades daily, so he makes about 60 trades monthly.
Affiliate´s commissions therefore is: $15 x 60= $900 monthly. Affiliate receives this commission for as long as Tom trades on InstaForex. That can be many months or even years.
How to become InstaForex Affiliate:
1) Register via InstaForex website
2) Login to your partner´s cabinet where you will find banners, widget, ready-made websites and all you need to start promoting and referring new traders.
If you have any questions regarding to our forex affiliate program, feel free to contact us or discuss in our forum