Monday, January 28, 2013

You Don´t Need Multiple Trading Screen Setups

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Most trading websites will not tell you that in reality you don’t need multiple trading screen setups or fancy trading softwares to be successful in forex market. The fact is, you really don’t need this stuff,  you can actually trade very well from your laptop and a free charting program for example like metatrader 4.

I personally trade from my laptop mostly as I travel often.
The most important thing in your forex trading arsenal is you, or simply your brain, not your trading software, lagging indicators, or multi-screen trading setups. If you can manage to conquer your emotions and your own mental mistakes that are the cause of  losing money in the forex market, you will be 80% closer to making consistent money in the forex  market. If you combine your self-mastery with a high-probability forex trading strategy like for example price action, you will have all you need to become a very successful trader.