Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reach Higher Forex Highs

With InstaForex you can conquer any kind of heights and highs!

InstaForex balloon and InstaForex Airplane ― cloudless trading with a flawless company

In summer 2012, InstaForex Company presented two new projects to the world Forex community — a branded airplane and an aerostat with the company’s bright logo on it.

Gaining the recognition from hundreds of thousands of traders from all over the world yearly, InstaForex Company over and over again shows that it does deserve the statuses of the best broker in Asia and one of the leading brokers in the entire world. Both InstaForex balloon and InstaForex Airplane symbolize vertiginous heights of currency trading reachable for each of our customers and partners.

InstaForex balloon was first launched at the trading convention in Crimea. As for InstaForex Airplane, it came around as a result of cooperation between InstaForex Company and Czech Airlines, one of Europe’s largest air companies. These two projects were designed not only to promote the garish InstaForex brand, but also to manifest how user-friendly and reliable the services offered by the Company are. Just like a balloon or a super-efficient plane whizzing up into the sky, InstaForex customers strive for new victories and accomplishments in the sphere of currency trading.