Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Zulutrade Signal Provider

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Silver Investment Fund offers:

- Professionally managed forex fund
- High Profits
- Low Risk (only 1% per trade)
- Free Signals
- Auto Trading
- Low DrawDown
- High Returns

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Silver Investment Fund Profit Calculator

There are many signal providers on Zulutrade, some of them are top ranked, but we do not think that they are necessary best signal providers on Zulutrade. Why? Simply because if you check and analyze their trading behaviour and statsitics you will realize that they are using reckless trading methods like: martingale, adding positions to losing trades, no stop loss, huge drawdowns or they open 20 or 30 positions at the same time just to earn huge pips in short period of time to make you think they are best.

After long research we have found one provider. It is Silver Investment Fund (SIF) . We simply think that SIF is one of the best Zulutrade signal providers.

Here is our review:

SIF is using a safe price action trading strategy.
Maximum open trades are 2, each of them is for a different and non correlated currency pair.
SIF is always placing stop loss, max 30 pips.
Profits taken are always bigger than 30 pips, usually much bigger thanks to use of trailing stops.
So don´t be surprised when you will experience trades with profit 300 or 400 pips.
If you check SIF´s statistics you will see that max. Drawdown is very low.

These are the main points why we consider Silver Investment Fund as one of the best Zulutrade signal providers. If you choose to follow this trader you will not regret in future.