Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zulutrade Delay - Slippage

What is Zulutrade delay?

Well, when you start following some Zulutrade signal provider you can experience a slight delay in trades execution on your broker´s account. It is also called a slippage.

This happens because trading signal travels from your signal provider´s application via Zulutrade platform to your broker´s account.
It could be miliseconds or half second time, but market doesn´t sleep and can move pip or two within that timeframe.

So when choosing a broker for your Zulutrade account it might be a good idea to check delay (slippage) values of individual brokers. Even 1 pip/trade can make a big difference after couple of hundreds trades.

You can do so simply by checking stats of Top Zulutrade signal provider as shown on picture below.

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