Saturday, February 23, 2013

FX Master 2.0 - Zulutrade Signal Provider Review

This review is written in february 2013. We are reviewing FX Master 2.0,  Zulutrade signal provider.
Currently is #4 in Zulutrade ranking.

The Wolf Pros:

- high profit in pips

- average 19 pips per trade

The Wolf Cons:

- big far max. DD was 3.14k
- max. open trades: 23

Review summary:

Earning 12k pips in 54 weeks - FX Master 2.0 is now sitting 4th at Zulu Rank. He has 495 followers with over $600k on their accounts.

He has been trading at Zulutrade for 54 weeks so far. All months except 1 were profitable, which is good.
However, if you choose to follow this signal provider, you should set your lot size very carefully as he trades with high risk, just check his drawdown history. His max. DD so far was 3,14k pips which is very high. So according to his Minimum Necessary Equity stats you should have about $630 for every microlot you trade.

Please note that this ZuluTrade trader review is included here for information purpose only and does not constitute advice. Trading in leveraged FX product is highly risky and always consult an independent financial advisor if you’re unsure whether trading on ZuluTrade is right for you.

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