Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zulutrade Expert Forex Signal Providers

There are many traders on Zulutrade but only very few of them could be called Expert signal providers.
Even if you check Top5 or Top10 in Zulutrade ranking they might not be there because many traders with reckless trading style are able to temporarily get to top if they are lucky. But once some big trend against them occurs they can blow many follower´s accounts.

So there are couple of things you should check on your quest to finding true Zulutrade expert forex signal providers.

Here is the list:

- weeks - the longer track the better
- winning trades % - be careful with close to 100% winning ratio, can lead to big drawdowns
- average pips/trade - avoid scalpers with 1-3 pips average
- average trade time - pick those which suits your needs
- maximum drawdown - use this value to set your lot size to trade safely. Remember that there always can be higher drawdown if trader do not use clear stop loss value
- max. open trades - use this to figure your lot size
- worst vs. best trade - be aware if worst trades are higher than best ones
- necessary minimum equity - this shows how much money you need to safely trade 1 micro lot.

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