Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forex Trading Machine Testimonials & Experiences

Revolutionary Forex Strategy - Price Driven Forex Trading

Testimonials of some users:

"I have been trading the forex market for more than 2 years now with my live account. I have tried so many systems and I have also created some of my own which allowed me to quit my day job and make a living out of forex trading.

But I will tell you something:

I have been using your unique Forex Trading Machine systems for a while now and... it's simply unbelievable... I have never seen before such a simple system (no indicators), yet it outperforms  the most advanced systems I have ever tried... I trade only with 1.5 % risk per position on my live account and since I have been using this system I average 1.2% gain per day.  The amazing part on it is that it works in every market conditions, trending or ranging... I simply make money...
Your course is so far the very best investment in my forex education. Most forex courses  I bought before were either useless or needed some improvement to work. Your system is the first one that I can use "out of the box" and that works consistently...
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.."

Guillaume T , Portugal

"Really unique system !  I bought Forex Trading machine with big scepticism as I lost lot of money buying bogus trading systems before, those are not possible to implement in real life trading.
But I have to say your systems are really GREAT and very simple for using. I started with cash cow strategy and it is a great idea to trade Fx market with this strategy, Forex runner is GREAT too. Now I will try the third strategy since today.
Just sticking to the rules of those systems consistantly and using proper money management will make every one succeed.
I will look for any new trading ideas from you in future. Keep up the good work."

                                                                                         Joydip B, India

"Thank you for this simple but workable system. I was ready to walk away from trading with huge losses over the last 4 years-from one indicator to the next- and then I finally found your system. I Also enjoy your follow up emails, feels like I have a trading mate!"

Jonathan T, Australia

"WOW!!!  Thanks a bunch!!!  Your strategies are simply great!!! Its a whole new way of the FOREX.

I read and reread both the Cash Cow and Forex runner and saw the setup last Sunday  for both entries on the GBP/US and made over 185 pips in about 2 hours on a live account!!!

Not bad, huh!!!!"

                                                                                             Geoffrey A, USA

"For today's trade from 8-30 to 8-33 (3 minutes exactly) I took 127 pips in two pairs. Could be even 20-30 pips more, but I am rather impatient than greedy :-}
Thank you for your great job. Looking forward for other strategies"
                                                                                              Olga M, Russia