Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Profitable Managed Forex Account

Our Offer:
Profitable Managed Account

How It Works:
- sign up for free and open your preferred broker account (we suggest AAAFX due to low slippage)
- add us as your signal provider and simply autocopy our trades.
- set your lot size according to your risk tolerance
(minimum necessary equity for our managed account is $46 for 1 micro lot. So if your starting capital is for example $1,000 you can safely set your lot size to 2 mini lots)

Our Performance:
Annualized ROI 405% (to the date of writting)

Advantages of our Managed Account:
- you do not have to send us any money
- we do not have access to your broker account or your money
- our service is free, you do not pay us anything (we only get a small percentage from your broker´s spread)