Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zulutrade Experience

I have been testing and using Zulutrade for almost 2 years.

What I have realized is that Zulutrade offers a huge earning potential, but also followers have to choose their signal providers very carefully.

There are people who lost a lot of money because they were greedy or simply because they did not know how to choose signal providers. It is not enough to look for best performance in terms of pips profit.
You have to watch statistics like: Max. DrawDown, Max. Open Trades, Minimum Necessary Equity etc.

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Anyway, there are also people who achieved a fantastic ROI on Zulutrade, like 300%, 400% or even 1550% per year. See screenshot of best Zulutrade followers.


As I said before, Zulutrade offers a huge earning potential. But start slowly. You can set your lot size to micro lots. Use a sound money management. Set your risk to 2-5%.
And if you want to earn more, use your profit, increase your lot size every month and use power of compounding to build your capital faster.