Friday, September 28, 2012

My Zulutrade Earnings September 2012 + 12.9%

Another month has passed so here is my monthly summary of my earnings on Zulutrade.

As you can see on the chart it was my fifth month on Zulutrade. Trading was pretty up and down, but at the end I managed to close it in profit.

You might say that my profit was "only" 50 pips, but let´s take a closer look and see what those 50 pips in reality means.

Real $ profit is related to your lot size

If you trade 1 standard lot 50 pipov =  $607
If you trade 1 mini lot it would be $60.7
If you trade 1 micro lot it would be $6.07

Of course, the profit also depends on currency pairs you trade, because a pip value is different for each pair. For example: if you trade EUR/USD , 1 pip is equal $10 (stand. lot size), but if you trade GBP/JPY it is approx.  $12.88 (because I was trading many different pairs, this month 50 pips gave me profit $607, if I was trading EUR/USD only, it would be $500)

Now if we want to find out what % ROI it was. As you can see on the picture above, minimum necessary equity to trade my system safely is $46.36 for one micro-lot. (for 1 mini lot it would be $463.6 and for 1 stand. lot it would be $4636).

So let´s pretend your lot size is 1 micro-lot and you have $46.36 on your account. 50 pips/ month then means  a profit of  $6  which is 12.9% return/month!

I think it is really nice ROI.

If you would like to trade Forex, but do not want to learn it or you do not have a time, you can simply auto copy my trades. See step by step guide  here.