Sunday, September 30, 2012

Real Forex Millionaire Stories

Seems that it is not easy to find real forex millionaire stories these days.
There are forex millionaires for sure, they just do not like to show themselves off.

But there is one great example of forex millionaire, actualy a billionaire. And that person is George Soros. Here is his real forex millionaire story.

Like in every part of life, there are outstanding personalities at Forex, whose names went right down in history. At the currency market, George Soros is one of the very most successful traders in history. His career began since the establishment of the Quantum Fund in 1969 on Curacao. During the time of its existence, Quantum Fund conducted a large number of profitable speculative operations at Forex currency market. Just one example: on the spot market in 1996 only, the Quantum Fund received the profit equal to  the annual income of McDonald’s Corporation. But, the most money-making deal of George Soros is considered to be the currency speculations at the British pound sterling back in 1992, which within one month netted a profit of USD 2 billion. Thanks to such great success and the facts, by which it was caused by, George Soros soon got the reputation of "the man who broke the Bank of England." Read full story

Also below is one YouTube video regarding a real forex millionaire story.
It is also clearly showing a power of compounding. Because if you compound your earnings, that will boost your bankroll very much.

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