Monday, October 1, 2012

Vanilla Signal Provider: Rising Star on Zulutrade

While searching for best signal providers on Zulutrade, I came across this one: "Vanilla"

After analyzing stats of this signal provider I can honestly say that this is a rising star and I would not be surprised if this SP was Top1 in zulu ranking.

Here is a brief strategy review by Vanilla: " Maximum DD is less than 30Pips. Adjust your SL accordingly. Vanilla only trades ONE TRADE at a time and only trades one currency pair which is AUD/USD. Weekly target is between 50 to 100 Pips."

This SP has all what it takes to safe capital management:

1. Low DrawDown: 5% only
2. Secure Stop Loss: 30 pips
3. Minimum Necessary Equity: $22.68 only
4. Winning Trades: 64%

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