Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get Paid To AutoTrade Forex On Zulutrade

Here is my unique offer for you. If you start autotrading (auto copy trades of best forex traders) on Zulutrade I will pay you 0.5 pips for each trade executed on your account.  How much is it? It depends on your lot size.

If you trade EUR/USD pair, 0.5 pips equals :
$5 for standard lot
$0.5 for mini lot
$0.05 for micro lot

You follow a trader who executes 80 trades/ month. So I will pay you:
$400 if you traded standard lot size
$40 if you traded mini lot size
$4 if you traded micro lot size
Note: This is on top of your trading profit. Or if in any month your trading profit is zero, you will still get my payments.

1. Open your live trading account.
Note: you must open your account via link above only. If you already have Zulutrade account, I can´t pay you! In that case, consider re-joining via my link.

2. Choose AAAFX as your broker.
Note: if you choose other broker, I can´t pay you!

3. Fund your AAAFX account.
Note: You will receive 10% deposit bonus

4. Login to Your Zulutrade AutoTrading Account
Note: You will receive your login details from Zulutrade once your AAAFX broker account is approved, funded and live.

5. Select forex traders you would like to follow and add them into your portfolio
See trader´s ranking here.
Note: Choose traders carefuly. You can find some tips here.

6. Contact me for more details about payments.
Email: ForexTrend22 ( at )