Sunday, October 7, 2012

How To Follow My Signals And Auto Copy My Trades

Follow these 5 easy steps and my free forex signals will auto copy on your broker account:

Step #1

Open your Zulutrade account that will enable you to auto-copy my trades on your broker account.
I recommend you AAAFX broker account as you will receive 10% bonus on your deposit + AAAFX has one of the lowest slippage when copying trades. If you have any troubles with opening your account just contact Zulutrade support.

Step #2

Deposit money in your broker account. Remember, nobody has access to your broker account except you. Also you can withdraw all your money or earnings if you wish at any time.
Once your broker account is activated you will receive login details of your zulutrade account.
Zulutrade account is only for choosing your signal provider and auto copy settings.

Step #3

Add me as your Zulutrade Signal Provider. My signal provider name is Silver Investment Fund.
Simply login to your Zulutrade account, go to your SETTINGS page, click ADD SIGNAL PROVIDER.
You will be taken to Zulutrade performance page. Write JustFollowTrend to search box. When my signal provider page is displayed just click ADD TO PORTFOLIO.
Or click directly on the link above and add me from there.

Step #4

Set Your Lot Size.
Your lot size depends on the amount of money you have on your account. If you check my SP page:   Silver Investment Fund you can that my Minimum Necessary Equity is $46. This amount says you need $46 for every 1 micro lot (0.01 of standard lot) to trade my strategy safely. 

If your capital is $1,000 you calculate your lot size as: 1,000/46 = 21,7 microlots (0,21 of standard lot)
So you can set your lot size to 0.2

Login to your Zulutrade account, go to SETTINGS page, click ADVANCED SETTINGS and set your lot size to number you have calculated (like in example above), max. open trades set to 1 and also set your StopLoss to 50. I always use stoploss 50 pips, this is just for your double security :)

Step #5

Save your setting and you are done. Now all my trades will auto copy on your account.

If you have any trouble just contact me or contact Zulutrade live support.

Happy auto trading :)

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