Monday, October 15, 2012

Improve the speed and efficiency of investments in financial markets!

Use InstaWallet system to improve your trading. It enables you to create a virtual wallet and attach it to your trading account to facilitate any money transfers between your trading account and your wallet, and all money transfers from your account to wallets of other InstaForex customers. Internal money transactions are completed just in a few seconds! Go to InstaForex wallet in your Client Cabinet to transfer money to your friends, relatives or partners, replenish your trading accounts, and pay vendors of Forex signals. Why waste your time on banking transfers if InstaWallet system performs any transaction instantly!

This option is provided free of charge. You can activate it in your Client Cabinet: just read and accept the offer agreement, and enter your nickname. Done! While activating your virtual wallet you don't have to enter your personal data: it is exported from your trading account. InstaWallet keeps the data fully confidential and hidden even from senders and recipients of money transfers.

Integration of your trading account and wallet into a single instrument has certain advantages. There are no additional passwords or accounts required, and no sophisticated procedures. InstaForex Company guarantees secure money transfers. Our specialists monitor every request for money transfer from InstaWallet to payment systems; transfer of more than 100 USD requires SMS confirmation; furthermore, any suspicious operations are instantly detected by state-of-the-art analysis tools through continuous monitoring of the system. We guarantee solid security of your capital!

Major options provided by InstaWallet are the following:
- money transfers between InstaWallets;
- money transfers between a trader’s account and his virtual wallet;
- instant money transfers;
- no commission fee;
- secured money transfers;
- fully confidential money transfers;
- qualified InstaForex support.

To learn more about InstaWallet functions, navigate to InstaWallet Notions and Functions.