Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Refer A Friend Forex: Earn $10 000 Monthly

I am a forex trader. People can follow and auto-copy my trade signals on Zulutrade.
I am still looking for more followers, so here is my "Refer a Friend" offer that can earn you even $10,000 monthly, depends on your performance and on lot size your referred friend will be trading.

Your compensation would be as following:

Affiliates receive a commission of either 0.4 pips or 1 pip depending on the Broker (equivalent to approximately $3 and $7.5 per lot for standard accounts), for each closed trade executed in a Live follower account who signed up through the Affiliate url.

Quick example:

Imagine you refer 50 friends , they start with mini lots, so your commission would be:

50 people x $1(per trade) x 25 trades = $1,250 /month

Or you refer 50 friends who open standard accounts so you would earn:

50 people x $7.5(per trade) x 25 trades= $9,375/month

Note: Referred follower often remain trading for many months or years, so you earn as long as they are active. Also as their account grows, they often increase lot size of trades, so your commissions would grow too.

How to refer a friend:

1. Join as an affiliate
2. Send this link to as many friends and other people as you can: http://AFFCODE.zulutrade.com/trader/134304
(replace AFFCODE with your prefix(subdomain) you have chosen during affiliate registration)

That is all.
You can also use some other forms of advertising or create a website if you wish to earn more.
You can use a banner below.