Monday, October 8, 2012

Forex Cashback Rebate System: Get Money Back From Every Trade

Forex Trading has never been so profitable. Now you can not only earn your profits by trading on the forex market, but you can also receive a cashback refund thanks to InstaForex Rebate system.

InstaForex Rebate system is an automatic reimbursement of partial commission (spread) which you as a trader pay for every executed forex deal.

The rebate (cashback or refund) will be automatically transferred to your account every week.

Open InstaForex Trading Account  and you will receive 0.5 pips back from each trade you execute on your account. Simply send us your account number. Email: forextrend22 (at)


So let´s say you trade standard lots on EUR/USD currency pair. You average 50 trades per month.
Your cashback rebate is 0.5 pips/trade. You save: 50 x 0.5 = 25pips = $250 (or €250)  / month.