Saturday, October 13, 2012

Easy Zulutrade Strategy For Profit

Many people are confused about Zulutrade signal providers. They simply do not know ho to choose best of them. So here is a short list of things you should be aware of when creating your zulutrade portfolio.

1. Max. Drawdown:
This is a very important. Even though some providers has a very nice pips earnings, if you check their Max. DD you can see that your account could be at risk. I recommend to set your lot size according to that.

2. Max. open trades:
Watch this, because some providers open too many positions to earn pips faster

3. Necessary Minimum Equity:
This indicator tells you how much $ you need to safely trade 1 micro lot. So adjust your lot size according to this. Note: Some providers try to keep this number very low so what they do is they set stoploss low, but immediately after closing one trade they open another one in the same direction. So check their trading history to find out more about their trading behavior.

4. Golden rule:
Do not be greedy and risk max. 2% of your capital per trade. If you have more signal providers, check your Zulutrade margin-o-call meter and keep your setting below 80 or better 70%.
This way your account will survive bad days and you can profit in long term.

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