Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Safe Signal Providers on Zulutrade

There are thousands of signal providers on Zulutrade. However, not all of them are suitable for you if you are looking for safe trading. I have reviewed many signal providers and here are some of the safest signal providers on Zulutrade:


This signal provider is generating about 200 pips of profit monthly. Has a very low Drawdown 7%. She opens max. 3 trades at the same time. Necessary minimum equity is $70 per micro lot. I think this is a very reliable provider.

Analyst EUR

This provider has been profitable in all months. His drawdown is 8%, very low. Max. open trades: 2
He uses a fixed StopLoss. Necessary minimum equity is $63 per micro lot.


This provider is trading a different style but is very safe. He chases very strong breakouts. So he uses a very small stoploss (about 11 pips) . He gets many small losses, but when he catches his trend, he takes 150 pips or more profit. This is a long term and very profitable strategy as you can see from his stats.


This provider is very safe and has a huge potential. He opens just 1 trade at a time. StopLoss is max 30 pips. He uses a trailing stop. That means he cuts his losses soon (he often takes a small loss, less than 30 pips if he sees that trend has changed) and lets his profits run as long as possible. His Minimum necessary equity is $58 per micro lot.

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