Thursday, October 18, 2012

Become a Millionaire For Free

Yes, there are ways to become a millionaire for free. One of them is by auto-copying trades of best Forex traders. Well, you would need some money to open at least a micro trading account. But you could borrow let´s say $300 from someone (for example from family). Now what is the process?

1. Open a trading account
2. Choose from best Forex traders. Add them to your portfolio.Many of them have returns more than 100% a year.
3. Wait and see your account grow.
4. Every year, once your account size doubled, also double your lot size.

This way you use a power of compounding and your $300 will grow to $1 million in 12 years (when doubled every year)

Note: Choose your forex traders (signal providers) carefully. Check their stats and choose those that open max. 1-3 trades at one time and their max. drawdown is less than 20%. Also set your lot size to risk max. 2-4% of your capital per trade.