Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Signal Provider "systemA" Review

systemA is one of great free signal providers on Zulutrade.

Let´s review his trading performance:

His trading history on Zulutrade is 47 weeks. Since start he generated profit 834 pips (to 3 sept. 2012)
Number of trades is 93, winning trades only 12%.

Description of his strategy: "All trades are with stop loss 11 pips (+/- slippage). Take profit 150-180 pips. Maximum 1 position in the same time. The strategy generated a steady income since 2010. This strategy is long term. So be patient."

So despite low winning percentage, his strategy is very profitable long term.

Hi has 59 live followers, total $ amount following him is $243k.
So it seems people trust him.

His max. drawdown is only 13% which is very good.

Also minimum necessary equity is $47 (min. amount needed for trading 1 micro lot), which says that he trade very safe.

Annualized ROI of this provider is unique 450% !

Summary: we do recommend this signal provider.

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