Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tip: Hot Signal Provider To Follow

We are proud to present you a very hot new signal provider that you can follow on Zulutrade.

This signal provider´s name is: IFX Limited Risk

Signal provider review:

Trades:     252
Winning trades:     129 (51%)
Average pips/trade:     7.0
Average trade time:     2 hours
Maximum drawdown:     8% (149)
Max Open Trades:     4
Worst Trade:     -52 pips
Best Trade :    159 pips
Followers:     97
Has live followers:     Yes
Ranking:     149
Running weeks:     26
Necessary Minimum Equity:     $90.50  (read more about NME in our article: Necessary Minimum Equity or How To Compare Zulutrade )

This signal provider had every month profitable.

ROI: 329% (annualized 629%)

Text from his profile page: "We are professional traders with a system that has been profitable for us over the years. We do not take unnecessary risk in our system. We use a combination of scalping and trend riding techniques, which enable us to exit trades quickly if we are wrong about the direction. We attempt to take small losses, with a combination of small and large wins. The system is very profitable if it is followed correctly. *We have improved the system after a draw down. We now trade less positions, and only add on if we are positive. The results have been good."

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