Sunday, September 30, 2012

Real Forex Millionaire Stories

Seems that it is not easy to find real forex millionaire stories these days.
There are forex millionaires for sure, they just do not like to show themselves off.

But there is one great example of forex millionaire, actualy a billionaire. And that person is George Soros. Here is his real forex millionaire story.

Like in every part of life, there are outstanding personalities at Forex, whose names went right down in history. At the currency market, George Soros is one of the very most successful traders in history. His career began since the establishment of the Quantum Fund in 1969 on Curacao. During the time of its existence, Quantum Fund conducted a large number of profitable speculative operations at Forex currency market. Just one example: on the spot market in 1996 only, the Quantum Fund received the profit equal to  the annual income of McDonald’s Corporation. But, the most money-making deal of George Soros is considered to be the currency speculations at the British pound sterling back in 1992, which within one month netted a profit of USD 2 billion. Thanks to such great success and the facts, by which it was caused by, George Soros soon got the reputation of "the man who broke the Bank of England." Read full story

Also below is one YouTube video regarding a real forex millionaire story.
It is also clearly showing a power of compounding. Because if you compound your earnings, that will boost your bankroll very much.

If you do not know how to trade yourself, or you do not have a time for that, you can simply auto-copy my forex strategy that is set to return 100% every year.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Get Rich Quick Scheme"

So you would like to get rich quick trading forex?

Now the question is how fast the word "quick" means for you.

If you would like to become rich on Forex overnight, it will probably not happen. In this case go and  buy your lucky lottery ticket.

But if you would be happy with 100% return on your investment every year and using a power of compounding become a forex millionaire in couple of years (depends on your initial investment size) than in that case I can tell you: Yes it is possible and you can become rich on Forex quite very quick.

Couple of examples:

1. Strategy that returns 100% a year. Your initial investment $1,000. If compounding your profits each year you would have $1 million in 10 years.  Is that quick enough?
2. Strategy that returns 100% a year. Your initial investment $10,000. If compounding your profits each year you would have $1 million in less than 7 years.
3. Strategy that returns 100% a year. Your initial investment $1,000. If compounding your profits each month you would have $1 million in 6 and half years.
4. Strategy that returns 100% a year. Your initial investment $10,000. If compounding your profits each month you would have $1 million in 4 years and couple of months! Is this quick enough?

Now, you may not have courage or time to trade yourself for years. Don´t worry.
You can simply auto-copy my forex trades.
All you need to do is undergo 8 easy steps and you are on your way. Then you can just sit and watch your account grow.

I wish you happy getting rich :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Zulutrade Earnings September 2012 + 12.9%

Another month has passed so here is my monthly summary of my earnings on Zulutrade.

As you can see on the chart it was my fifth month on Zulutrade. Trading was pretty up and down, but at the end I managed to close it in profit.

You might say that my profit was "only" 50 pips, but let´s take a closer look and see what those 50 pips in reality means.

Real $ profit is related to your lot size

If you trade 1 standard lot 50 pipov =  $607
If you trade 1 mini lot it would be $60.7
If you trade 1 micro lot it would be $6.07

Of course, the profit also depends on currency pairs you trade, because a pip value is different for each pair. For example: if you trade EUR/USD , 1 pip is equal $10 (stand. lot size), but if you trade GBP/JPY it is approx.  $12.88 (because I was trading many different pairs, this month 50 pips gave me profit $607, if I was trading EUR/USD only, it would be $500)

Now if we want to find out what % ROI it was. As you can see on the picture above, minimum necessary equity to trade my system safely is $46.36 for one micro-lot. (for 1 mini lot it would be $463.6 and for 1 stand. lot it would be $4636).

So let´s pretend your lot size is 1 micro-lot and you have $46.36 on your account. 50 pips/ month then means  a profit of  $6  which is 12.9% return/month!

I think it is really nice ROI.

If you would like to trade Forex, but do not want to learn it or you do not have a time, you can simply auto copy my trades. See step by step guide  here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fx Bot – Forex Droid by InstaForex

InstaForex international broker is glad to present a new member of the team – a Forex droid Fx Bot, that is the symbol of the company’s mission to offer its clients the latest trading sector developments.

Fx Bot is know-how of the Russian company R.Bot that is based on the principle of telepresence and allows a person to be in two places simultaneously. The robot was first presented at the financial exhibition organized by ShowFX brand in November 2011 in Moscow, where it evoked certain interest of the audience.

Three wheels make the maneuvers of the multifunctional robot Fx Bot (that is slightly taller than one meter) easy and allow overcoming inconsiderable obstacles. Thanks to several microphones and video cameras any specialist of InstaForex Company is able to communicate via Wi-Fi with the audience at exhibitions and conferences, broadcast video presentations related to trading issues which will be possible due to a small display.

As a member of the company Fx Bot represents InstaForex at international financial exhibitions where you have a chance to see it.

Step By Step Guide How To Auto Copy My Trades and Earn $1 Million

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Forex Distance Learning Course

InstaForex is glad to offer its customers the distance Forex learning course for beginners.
Taking the distance forex learning course, you will learn about the technical and fundamental forex analysis, which is irreplaceable instrument of every  Forex trader. All recommendations of this course are based on the most popular and user-friendly MetaTrader 4 platform.

Content of distance Forex learning course for beginners by InstaForex:

Lesson 1: Introduction.
Lesson 2: Operations with InstaTrader platform on basis of MetaTrader 4.
Lesson 3: Types of market trends, types of charts and formation rules. Bull and bear speculations.
Lesson 4: Types of exchange arrangements, rate of exchange.
Lesson 5: Margin trading on Forex market.
Lesson 6: Technique of the deals execution.
Lesson 7: Introduction to the technical analysis, Dow theory.
Lesson 8: Trend analysis.
Lesson 9: Graphical patterns analysis.
Lesson 10: Candlestick analysis.
Lesson 11: Wave analysis. Elliott Wave Principle.
Lesson 12: Mathematical analysis.
Lesson 13: The fundamental analysis of foreign exchange market.
Lesson 14: Trading systems.
Lesson 15: Risk management.
Lesson 16: Trading psychology.

The distance Forex learning course by InstaForex contains the comprehensive information about Forex market, which is necessary to trade successfully.

Subscribe to the course

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Binary Options Trading with InstaForex

Binary options bring fixed profit to a trader when fulfilling a certain condition or do not bring anything if the condition is not accomplished. Advantages of binary options imply that they can have only two possible outcomes (all or none), foregone yield rate, limited risks and also different performance periods. In addition, there are no any commissions, spreads and swaps! In order to gain profit acquiring binary options it is essential to forecast correctly the change direction of an asset cost. Your trade will be beneficial even with a minimal price move towards the set direction.

The international broker InstaForex affords its clients efficient trading terms and the most advanced trading technologies. InstaForex Option Trading allows you to get a stable high gain and hedge investment portfolios. All real account holders of InstaForex are provided with access to upward and downward options for 11 instruments.

Minimal option cost is 1 USD (1 EUR, 30 RUR), maximal one – 1000 USD (1000 EUR, 15000 RUR). There are no constraints on the number of bought options! The option yield rate is calculated by means of multiplying the benchmark price by the net margin equaling to 1,8 points. For winning a certain condition should be reached – the option startup price must be above or below the price of option end term. After buying an option - the amount equal to its price is deducted from your trading account. In case of success, its full cost is returned to your account together with profit. In case you lose - only the option cost is charged.

On the page of option contracts (section “Forex Options” in the Client Cabinet) there is a quotations chart with a facility to choose the suitable timeframe. In the proper subsections of “Forex Options” service you can see the current and archival options statistics bought by you.

Prove a success in option trading with InstaForex!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips For Forex Beginners

InstaForex recommendations for beginnersInstaForex recommendations for beginners

Your success on Forex does not depend but on your experience and emotional stability. Make your way to it smoother with the help of the following recommendations.
1. Go for the basics
First of all, one should acquire profound knowledge of financial markets and technical analysis, to realize the laws according to which Forex functions and how to make profit on it.

2. Start with a demo account
Starting trading on real accounts straight away does not help to obtain the abovementioned knowledge. While you are busy learning the basics, your capital is literally melting due to your lack of experience. You have a great opportunity to train your strategies on a demo account for a month or more. It is impossible to become a professional trader at once.

3. Get to know trading instruments
Before beginning work on the market, you should thoroughly examine the technical characteristics of the trading platform you chose and make everything clear. It will then help you to save much time and money.

4. Learn your rights and liabilities
Read carefully the documentation, regulating the relations between you and your broker and make sure you have understood everything. You have the right to know all the information concerning your work on the currency market.

5. Begin with small steps
You can employ micro forex accounts to start with. Assess your skills and abilities and develop them further operating with minimum investments.

6. Keep your cool
Do not go beyond your psychological comfort zone: if you feel that you are losing your cool, pass to smaller amounts.

7. Do not play with fire
Do not treat Forex like a money gambling game. As a rule, men of fortune do not manage to stay on this market long. You want forex work to bring you stable income. So, do not ever follow the “sink or swim” principle. Do not put at stake amounts you cannot afford losing.

8. Recognize your defeat
You should keep in mind that losses as such are usual constituents of trading on Forex. Make your conclusions and take a philosophical approach to this fact.

9. Trade within the set limits
Do not strive for opening as many deals as possible: you may fail to control them all. Trade rationally. Trading on several markets simultaneously is rarely successful at first, since they are regulated by different independent factors.

10. Save the money rather than boost
Bring your risks to minimum, even if it results in less profit. Your aim now is to learn how not to waste your capital. At the beginning stage, “saving” is much more important than “boosting”.

11. Consider possible risks
There is always a possibility of unexpected risks. You should have a certain financial reserve so that you could use it in case of a force-majeure situation. Analysts suggest investing not more than 50% of the total capital in trading and not over 10% - in a deal. Ponder over what part of these funds you feel ready to lose in case of bad luck. Set your own level of admissible risk (preferably, not over 5%).

12. Mind Stop Loss
Do not forget to employ Stop Loss. Improper assets management is the major reason for losses. Stop Loss is meant for preventing your losses, so learn to handle it and set it correctly.

13. Keep away from others’ influence
Elaborate your own strategy. Be careful to change it following someone else’s advice. One can carry out one deal only for the whole year and appear to be more successful than many intraday traders. There is no any system suitable for everyone. No one but you bears responsibility for you capital. Once you have shaped your own vision of forex trading and strategy, be critical to what others say to you. Otherwise, you may then regret having followed someone’s recommendation.

14. Control the situation
A profitable deal may in fact turn out to be unprofitable. If the trend seems favourable to you, thoroughly monitor your open positions, shift stop signals to protect your profit.

15. Do not go against the trend
Remember: trend is your friend. Hoping to earn profit, some invest their money when the trend is moving in an adverse direction. Yet, such a strategy is extremely perilous for a beginner!

16. Retreat if not sure
If the situation development falls short of what you have expected, close your positions. You should understand what is going on on the market, as haphazard actions are unreasonable. If you do not feel sure, retreat for a while. Do not waste your time trading unprofitably and do not attempt to have your money back at once. Keep energy to yourself.

17. Make a script of your trading
Fix all you do on the market in writing. It helps to develop analyzing skills. Write down the explanations of this or that decision you made, description of its effects and the conclusions you drew.

Trade and gain with InstaForex Company


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trade with InstaForex and Win Porsche Cayenne

InstaForex Company, the well known international forex broker, is drawing a new premium class car Porsche Cayenne by the famous German car producer within the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign.

If you wish to win this glorious car, you have to meet the main requirement of this drawing - replenish your forex trading account with at least $1,500 and fill in the application form on the registration page. The InstaForex Club members are only required to deposit $1,000.

This campaign is held from Sept 8, 2011, to Sept 27, 2013. So, autumn of 2013 will make one of the InstaForex participants excited about getting the keys to their brand-new Porsche Cayenne.

The owner of the new Porsche Cayenne will be determined in a random way by a very transparent algorithm of winner determination using special  Porsche number (see the rules on our page).

You can also look through the Campaign terms and conditions on the Campaign Rules page.

The Porsche Cayenne campaign is held within the series of InstaForex contests and other campaigns with the annual prize pool amounting to more than $500,000. If you trade with InstaForex Company, you can take a part of the above-mentioned amount or become the owner of a brand new Lotus Evora or a Porsche Cayenne.

Join InstaForex

Watch video:

Miss Forex : Show your beauty in Miss InstaForex Asia Contest

"Miss Insta Asia" is a unique beauty contest, which does not have analogues in the Global Network.

"Miss Insta Asia" beauty contest is carried out on the principle of "all-comers competition" and in no way does not limit the participation of the competitresses and users in it.

Not only Asian inhabitants but women from all over the world can participate in this contest.

Prize fund

The Contest prize fund is 40 000 US dollars. It will be distributed among the winners in the following way:

    Miss Insta Asia - 20 000 USD;
    Forex Lady - 8 000 USD;
    Miss Posh - 3 000 USD;
    Miss Creativity - 3 000 USD;
    Miss Spice - 3 000 USD;
    Miss Smile - 3 000 USD.

InstaForex guarantees

The international on-line forex-broker InstaForex is a guarantor of the contest clarity as well as of the financial liabilities on the prize fund distribution between winners. InstaForex Company is actively developing the direction of the special projects, extending the number of its contest and campaigns. At the present moment the annual prize fund of the contests and campaigns, holding by InstaForex Company, is more than 500 000 US Dollars. “Miss Insta Asia” contest is a logical continuation of InstaForex Company marketing policy in the dynamically developing Asian region.

Special voting conditions

If you are the client of the international forex-broker InstaForex you can extensively influence on the voting in “Miss Insta Asia” contest by increasing your vote weight. For this, during the registration at “Miss Insta Asia” contest web-site you have to attach your account in InstaForex Company.

InstaForex Company invites girls to participate in this contest and wishes luck to everybody!

You can learn more about “Miss Insta Asia” beauty contest and also to register in it as a participant or a user at the official contest web-site.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Forex Trading Journal

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    Real-Time Sharing. Share with other traders and see what they're up to, when they're up to it. Write All About It. Blog & be heard with our easy-to-use integrated ...
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    Today's trading article is going to discuss one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex trading; creating and maintaining a Forex trading ...
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    The4xJournal computer software allows you to document, track, and journal your currency trades and is a great Forex Journal..
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    See how keeping a forex trading journal online is a great help while trading. Learn how trading journal in forex can be a good source of education for trading.
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    Hugh Kimura
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    23 Feb 2011 – Having a forex trading plan and keeping a trading journal is essential to anyone serious about trading currencies.
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    Keeping a personalized trading journal of all your market transactions is one of the most valuable actions a trader can perform, it will help you to become a better ...
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    Learn How to Trade Forex: Foreign Exchange (FX) Currency Trading. Sign In | Join ... Junior Year >; Keeping a Trading Journal >; Why Keep a Trade Journal?

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My Zulutrade Secret Forex Strategy BackTest

For those who consider to follow my trades on Zulutrade I would like to show some backtest data of my secret forex trading strategy.

First Picture shows Backtested data for:

Currency pair: EUR/JPY
Backtest duration: 20 september 2011 - 20 september 2012
BackTest results 405 pips which is about $4,500
if traded 1 standard lot
Max DD 100 pips.

Second Picture shows backtested data for:

Currency pair: GBP/USD
Backtest duration: 20 september 2011 - 20 september 2012
BackTest results 600 pips which is about $6,500 if traded 1 standard lot
Max DD 100 pips.

You can earn even more if you compound your profits every month. Read more about Power of Compounding

To follow my trades for free click here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Forex Trading Robot

List of best forex trading robots: Provides Professional Forex Robot And Expert Advisor Installation & Setup Service For All Forex Traders.

The Forex Luger Robot
A top secret Forex scalping system is now an automated Forex robot and the results are excellent! An elite group of Forex Traders have been making profit for years trading this secret profitable Forex scalping system. Now you can make profits from this Forex scalping system without having to lift a finger using the Forex Luger automated Forex robot!

The Most Advanced And Intelligent Self-updating Forex Robot, Tripled A Real-money Account In 1 Year Live Trading. Includes: - The Best Support - Amazing Conversion - Consistent Income - Satisfied Customers
One Of The Most Advanced Forex Robots On The Market Today, This Robot Is Famous For Not Having Any Losses. Multiple Time Frames, Trend Detection, Advanced Algorithms, Incredible Profit! Hot Seller!
A Reliable Forex Trading Robot That Generates Extraordinary Returns While You Sleep. Easy To Setup, Anyone Can Use It, Requires No Knowledge Of The Forex Industry.
It's Fully Automatic Trading System That Doubles Real Monetary Deposits Within One Month. The Top Trading Robot All Over The World
B.o.r.n Night Owl Is A Forex Expert Advisor (forex Ea) Robot Trading With The Amazing 87% To 94% Winning Trades. This Makes B.o.r.n Night Owl One Of The Best Forex EA Robots On The Market! Live Trading Results On Page! Verified And Updated Real Time!
The Best And Newest Forex Robot That Makes 5 Pips Profit Everyday. Excellent Strategy That Has Made Winning Trades Everyday For Over 5 Years With Real Results! Makes Millions From Tiny Accounts With No Restrictions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free Forex Trading Tools

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    Learn the tools and techniques used by professional traders, about technical and fundamental analysis, and most importantly, about the risks involved in forex ...
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    Download Forex trading freebies from PipBurner. Make your Forex trading more profitable without paying a penny.
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    Forex Software and Trading Tools. There are literally thousands of forex tools available to help traders, but finding the right tool can be overwhelming. We have ...
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    Over 40 free custom indicators and tools. Fast automated execution & competitive spreads. world class customer service.
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    Professional MetaTrader tools, expert advisors and MT4 forex indicators.
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    Forex Trading Tools - Forex markets are ever changing, it's important to utilise the best Forex trading tools to gain competitor advantage!
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    Disclaimer: is an information site on the foreign exchange market. We can not guarantee the information available on this site, but if you notice a ...
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    This tool allows the trader to know which are the periods when two Forex trading sessions are overlapping. The best time to trade is in those periods when ...
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    Forex trading news, currency trading forecasts, and daily forex research. Live FX rates, historical forex data, currency trading tools, real time data, forex ...
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    Enhance your website with these Forexpros modules, from high quality content, to quotes charts and other tools to help the traders who visit your site and ...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tip: Hot Signal Provider To Follow

We are proud to present you a very hot new signal provider that you can follow on Zulutrade.

This signal provider´s name is: IFX Limited Risk

Signal provider review:

Trades:     252
Winning trades:     129 (51%)
Average pips/trade:     7.0
Average trade time:     2 hours
Maximum drawdown:     8% (149)
Max Open Trades:     4
Worst Trade:     -52 pips
Best Trade :    159 pips
Followers:     97
Has live followers:     Yes
Ranking:     149
Running weeks:     26
Necessary Minimum Equity:     $90.50  (read more about NME in our article: Necessary Minimum Equity or How To Compare Zulutrade )

This signal provider had every month profitable.

ROI: 329% (annualized 629%)

Text from his profile page: "We are professional traders with a system that has been profitable for us over the years. We do not take unnecessary risk in our system. We use a combination of scalping and trend riding techniques, which enable us to exit trades quickly if we are wrong about the direction. We attempt to take small losses, with a combination of small and large wins. The system is very profitable if it is followed correctly. *We have improved the system after a draw down. We now trade less positions, and only add on if we are positive. The results have been good."

Follow trades of IFX Limited Risk

See his screenshot:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forex Trading Machine Testimonials & Experiences

Revolutionary Forex Strategy - Price Driven Forex Trading

Testimonials of some users:

"I have been trading the forex market for more than 2 years now with my live account. I have tried so many systems and I have also created some of my own which allowed me to quit my day job and make a living out of forex trading.

But I will tell you something:

I have been using your unique Forex Trading Machine systems for a while now and... it's simply unbelievable... I have never seen before such a simple system (no indicators), yet it outperforms  the most advanced systems I have ever tried... I trade only with 1.5 % risk per position on my live account and since I have been using this system I average 1.2% gain per day.  The amazing part on it is that it works in every market conditions, trending or ranging... I simply make money...
Your course is so far the very best investment in my forex education. Most forex courses  I bought before were either useless or needed some improvement to work. Your system is the first one that I can use "out of the box" and that works consistently...
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.."

Guillaume T , Portugal

"Really unique system !  I bought Forex Trading machine with big scepticism as I lost lot of money buying bogus trading systems before, those are not possible to implement in real life trading.
But I have to say your systems are really GREAT and very simple for using. I started with cash cow strategy and it is a great idea to trade Fx market with this strategy, Forex runner is GREAT too. Now I will try the third strategy since today.
Just sticking to the rules of those systems consistantly and using proper money management will make every one succeed.
I will look for any new trading ideas from you in future. Keep up the good work."

                                                                                         Joydip B, India

"Thank you for this simple but workable system. I was ready to walk away from trading with huge losses over the last 4 years-from one indicator to the next- and then I finally found your system. I Also enjoy your follow up emails, feels like I have a trading mate!"

Jonathan T, Australia

"WOW!!!  Thanks a bunch!!!  Your strategies are simply great!!! Its a whole new way of the FOREX.

I read and reread both the Cash Cow and Forex runner and saw the setup last Sunday  for both entries on the GBP/US and made over 185 pips in about 2 hours on a live account!!!

Not bad, huh!!!!"

                                                                                             Geoffrey A, USA

"For today's trade from 8-30 to 8-33 (3 minutes exactly) I took 127 pips in two pairs. Could be even 20-30 pips more, but I am rather impatient than greedy :-}
Thank you for your great job. Looking forward for other strategies"
                                                                                              Olga M, Russia

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zulutrade Experience

I have been testing and using Zulutrade for almost 2 years.

What I have realized is that Zulutrade offers a huge earning potential, but also followers have to choose their signal providers very carefully.

There are people who lost a lot of money because they were greedy or simply because they did not know how to choose signal providers. It is not enough to look for best performance in terms of pips profit.
You have to watch statistics like: Max. DrawDown, Max. Open Trades, Minimum Necessary Equity etc.

To learn more about how to create safe Zulutrade portfolio read my articles:

Necessary Minimum Equity or How to Compare Zulutrade Signals

DrawDown, Earnings and Zulutrade: Less is More?

Anyway, there are also people who achieved a fantastic ROI on Zulutrade, like 300%, 400% or even 1550% per year. See screenshot of best Zulutrade followers.


As I said before, Zulutrade offers a huge earning potential. But start slowly. You can set your lot size to micro lots. Use a sound money management. Set your risk to 2-5%.
And if you want to earn more, use your profit, increase your lot size every month and use power of compounding to build your capital faster.

€40 to €40,000 Betfair Football Betting Challenge

Recently I came across an interesting blog:

€40 to €40,000 Betfair Football Betting Challenge .

Owner of this blog is on quest to turn a very small investment of €40 to €40k betting on football matches on Betfair Exchange.

His goal is to do it in less than 2,5 year.

I posted this as I have a similar challenge (mission) but on Forex.

So if you are interested in sports or betting you can watch him how he will do.

I certainly will

Good Luck.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Profitable Managed Forex Account

Our Offer:
Profitable Managed Account

How It Works:
- sign up for free and open your preferred broker account (we suggest AAAFX due to low slippage)
- add us as your signal provider and simply autocopy our trades.
- set your lot size according to your risk tolerance
(minimum necessary equity for our managed account is $46 for 1 micro lot. So if your starting capital is for example $1,000 you can safely set your lot size to 2 mini lots)

Our Performance:
Annualized ROI 405% (to the date of writting)

Advantages of our Managed Account:
- you do not have to send us any money
- we do not have access to your broker account or your money
- our service is free, you do not pay us anything (we only get a small percentage from your broker´s spread)

Zulutrade Forum

A lot of people would like to auto follow some of signal providers on Zulutrade, but they do not have any idea what they should do or look or be beware of.

So it is a good idea to visit Zulutrade and Click >> Forum.

Then you can search for info you are looking for, post your questions about trading, forex, zulutrade, signal providers or strategies and once you know everything you need, simply open account and start auto copy trades of best signal providers.

Here is a short preview of categories and topics:

- Signal Provider Comments
- Zulutrade Announcements
- Beginner´s Area
- New Signal Providers
- New Brokers
- The Zulutrade User Interface
- Autoexecution Feedback Between Brokers
- Signals and Performance
- General
- Zulutrade Israel
- En Espanol
- In Deutsch
- In Italiano
- En Francais
- In Portugues
- Po Polsku
- other languages like: chinese, russian, arabic etc

Go To Zulutrade Forum

Has Anyone Got Rich On ZuluTrade?

It is a good question. There are many people asking the same question for sure.

But to answer this question is not as easy as it seems.

Anyway, there are for sure people who doubled or tripled their Zulutrade accounts.
And also there are people who achieved even more return on their investment.

So it seems that one can become rich on Zulutrade if he applies a sound money management
system and choose right signal providers.

See screenshot  for some results people achieved on Zulutrade.

The Best of them has ROI 1551% !!!

Or simply visit Zulutrade´s Followers Performance Page.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free Signal Provider "systemA" Review

systemA is one of great free signal providers on Zulutrade.

Let´s review his trading performance:

His trading history on Zulutrade is 47 weeks. Since start he generated profit 834 pips (to 3 sept. 2012)
Number of trades is 93, winning trades only 12%.

Description of his strategy: "All trades are with stop loss 11 pips (+/- slippage). Take profit 150-180 pips. Maximum 1 position in the same time. The strategy generated a steady income since 2010. This strategy is long term. So be patient."

So despite low winning percentage, his strategy is very profitable long term.

Hi has 59 live followers, total $ amount following him is $243k.
So it seems people trust him.

His max. drawdown is only 13% which is very good.

Also minimum necessary equity is $47 (min. amount needed for trading 1 micro lot), which says that he trade very safe.

Annualized ROI of this provider is unique 450% !

Summary: we do recommend this signal provider.

Auto-Copy his trades

Monday, September 3, 2012

My 100 Mark Zulutrade Trading Record

Cool...I have just completed 100 trades on Zulutrade and here is my stats:

Profit :    274 pips
Trades :    100
Winning trades :    83 (83%)
Average pips/trade :    3.0
Average trade time :    5 hours
Maximum drawdown :    19% (51)
Max Open Trades:     2
Worst Trade:     -51 pips
Best Trade:     19 pips
Followers :    4
Has live followers :    Yes
Running weeks :    15
Necessary Minimum Equity     $46.36
ROI: 98% (annualized: 364%)

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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