Monday, December 17, 2012

Azar Consulting: Safe Zulutrade Signal Provider

If you are looking for a very safe but profitable signal provider on Zulutrade, Azar Consulting is the best choice.

Brief Strategy Description:
"Our system has been tested and has shown great results. Our risk to reward ratio is 1:1, SL and TP are set at fixed 100 pips. We rarely hit SL of 100 pips. Some times close trades early in profit or loss depending on indicators and news events. Only open one trade at any given time. If a second trade is available i will let you know, but this rarely happens. I prefer only one trade at a time. Please also consider your money management, do not risk more than you are willing to loose. "

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Brief Stats:

Amount Following $625,382
Weeks 24
Followers 670
ROI 1381%
Profit 1,275 pips
Trades 42
Winning trades 27 (64%)
Average pips/trade 30.0
Average trade time 3 days
Maximum drawdown 8% (100)
Max Open Trades 1
Worst Trade -117 pips
Best Trade 110 pips
Has live followers Yes
Necessary Minimum Equity $40.00

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