Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Trader Zulutrade

Best Zulutrade Trader should probably be TOP1 in ZuluRank, right? But we have seen many times that very risky signal providers and traders can get to top of Zulu ranking for a while.

So how do we find Best Trader Zulutrade?

Let´s examine this a little.

I think that best Zulutrade trader should meet this criteria:

1) Low Drawdown: less than 10%
2) Healthy average pips/trade ratio: let´s say 25pips/trade or more
We do not want some scalpers that offer 2-4 pips/trade
3) Best trade > Worst Trade
4) Max. open trades: not more than 2
We do not want those SPs with 15-30 open trades at the same time
5) Max DD in pips < 100 pips
Some traders has low DD in % but when you check their DD in pips it can be in thousands.

When I put these criteria to Zulutrade advanced search, best trader I received was:

Silver Investment Fund

I believe that if this trader continues like this he will soon become TOP1 Zulutrade Trader.