Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Anyone Making Money Trading Forex?

A lot of people wonder if there is anyone making money trading forex. The answer is simply: Yes.
There are many people making tons of money trading forex market. But also there are millions who do not make any money from currency market.

So would you like to belong to the first group and make money?

There are 4 ways you can profit from Forex market. Two of them are very profitable for those who can trade markets, but other two are suitable also for non-traders and are also very profitable.

1st. Way To Make Money On Forex - Trading
This is a primary way to make money from currency market. You simply trade yourself. I believe anybody can learn how to trade. All you need to do is to stick to your strategy, have a solid money management and cool your emotions. If you do not believe me that anybody can learn to trade, you should read Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders.Book is written on true story and experiment where ordinary people were tought how to trade and they made millions afterwards.

So, if you know how to trade, you can boost your earnings with 40% bonus on each deposit you make. Join best broker in Asia InstaForex and get your bonus or win Porsche Cayenne.

2nd. Way To Make Money On Forex - AutoCopy Best Traders
This way is best for those who do not have trading skills or they simply do not have time to trade themselves.
You simple open your trading account, deposit funds. You will choose forex traders you wish to follow and then, their trades will automatically copy on your trading account.
Click the following link to learn more about ForexCopy System.

3rd. Way To Make Money On Forex - Affiliate Program
Forex Affiliate Program is the best way for those who do not have trading skills or simply do not want to put their own money in risk, but they want to earn additional or create passive income from forex market. This way can be also useful for traders to boost their income.

Here is one example that explains how it works:

Let´s see one example.

You join InstaForex affiliate program and refer a trader. Let´s call him John. John opens his trading account, deposits money and starts trading forex. He is trading standard lot size (this refers to his trade size). He is an intraday trader, that means he makes 2-4 trades daily.
You get paid commissions for every trade he makes. Your commission is 1.5 pips/trade (it is $15 for standard lot size). So, let´s suppose he makes 4 trades daily. You get paid no matter his trades are profit or loss, just like the broker does. Your commissions come from spread fee broker is charging for every trade.

So back to our example. John makes 4 trades daily, so you get paid 4x $15/day= $60
Forex market is open Monday to Friday, so you can make $60x20days= $1,200/month.
You will earn this income as long as John is trading. If he is a profitable trader, you can profit from his trading for many years and your income can even grow, because if John´s trading account grows, he might increase his lot size (opening bigger trades) and so your commissions grow.

That is from one referral! Many affiliates refer tens or hundreds traders, so make your math how profitable InstaForex affiliate program can be for you.

4th. Way To Make Money On Forex - Trade With Other People´s Money
This is a unique and very profitable way to make money from Forex. However, this way is only for those who are profitable and consistent traders. InstaForex Broker offers you an opportunity to become a managing trader and attract investments from their clients or even from new investors. They call it PAMM system.

How it works:

- Open a new PAMM trading account
- Start trading. You can start trading with as little as $10. The only purpose is that you have to build your trading history and your reputation, so your potential investors can see your performance and if they trust you, they will gladly invest with you.
- InstaForex Broker has over 500,000 clients, so if your performance is good, you will easily attract investors.
- When someone is interested in your trading, his funds will be deposited to your trading account and you will be trading with his money.
- You can set your investment rules, like duration of investment, commissions in % you receive from profits (for example 40% for you, 60% for investor - whatever you decide)
- you can even set some commissions for affiliates, so they can find you more investors online or offline.

Check PAMM system site for details.

That´s it. These are 4 profitable ways how to make money on Forex. Now you can see that absolutely anybody can profit from biggest market of the world.