Friday, December 7, 2012

Earn 80% Affiliate Commission

Promote Silver Investment Fund that is trading on Forex market and make 80% affiliate commission.

This forex fund is trading 2 currency pairs: EUR/JPY and AUD/USD.
Estimated profit of this fund is 7-20% monthly.

Investors can invest in this fund.

How affiliate program works:

1) Become PAMM partner and start promoting Silver Investment Fund.
2) Login to your client cabinet, click "PAMM System" and then in upper menu click "PAMM banners".
3) Enter 5176084 and click "Get Widget"
4) Choose banners or text links and start promoting them on your website, blog, facebook, forums....
5) When you refer a new investor to Silver Investment Fund, you simply earn 80% of profit generated by this fund.


You refer a new investor. Let´s call him John.
John invests $1500. After couple of months, his investment grows to $2000. He decides to withdraw his profit. That is $500.
According to Silver Investment Fund´s rules 30% of this profit goes to Fund owner. That is $150.
You earn 80% affiliate commission of this sum as a thank you for referring John.
So your net affiliate commission is $120.

John may continue with his investment and you will earn your 80% affiliate commission every time he withdraws his profits.

Your commissions could easily reach couple of thousands monthly as a lot of investors invest much more than John. More investors you refer, more income you generate.

Banner Example: