Sunday, December 2, 2012

Profitable Niche For Adsense

When choosing the right keywords for your adsense project, you should consider profitability of your chosen niche. It is not enough to pick your favorite keywords because you simply love products related to them. Because in that case you could be missing tons of money from other top paying keywords. There are many very profitable niches and "Forex Trading" is really very profitable niche for adsense. Forex Brokers pay many dollars per click. So you can make a lot of money.

But you shouldn´t limit your earnings to adsense only. If you have "Forex Trading" adsense project, you can boost your earnings from that niche simply by becoming an affiliate of broker. That way you will get paid for referring Forex (currency market) traders to brokers.

So how profitable niche for affiliates Forex in reality is?

Let´s see one example.

You join InstaForex affiliate program and refer trader John. John starts trading forex and he is trading standard lot size (this refer to his trade size). He is an intraday trader, that means he makes 2-4 trades daily.
You get paid commissions for every trade he makes. Your commission is 1.5 pips/trade (it is $15 for standard lot size). So, let´s suppose he makes 4 trades daily. You get paid no matter his trades are profit or loss, just like the broker does. Your commissions come from spread fee broker is charging for every trade.

So back to our example. John makes 4 trades daily, so you get paid 4x $15/day= $60
Forex market is open Monday to Friday, so you can make $60x20days= $1,200/month.
You will earn this income as long as John is trading. If he is a profitable trader, you can profit from his trading for many years and your income can even grow, because if John´s trading account grows, he might increase his lot size and so your commissions grow.

That is from one referral! Many affiliates refer tens or hundreds traders, so now, you can imagine that Forex trading is really a very profitable niche for affiliates.

BTW, InstaForex affiliate program has 2 tiers so you can even profit from your sub-affiliates and their work.
Plus there are cool thing like cash contest, win Porsche Cayenne contest, win Lotus contest and more, so you can attract new traders more easily.