Sunday, December 23, 2012

Forex Pension Plan

Have you ever considered any forex pension plan?

It is a very good idea to diversify your retirement plans and create a plan B on Forex.
Investing with Silver Investment Fund (SIF) PAMM can help you accumulate a nestegg that will increase your pension or allows you to retire much sooner than you expected.

SIF PAMM pension plan overview:

Silver Investment Fund PAMM is a professionally managed forex fund, with safe risk and money management. Trading portfolio is well diversified. Risk per trade is only 1%. Expected returns are 5% monthly.

You can set your pension plan the way it suits you best. Min. investment is $1, so you can invest even small amounts monthly or weekly.

Even small money reguraly invested with good return can build you a handsome pension fund.


ROI 60% /year. If you invest $20 every month you would have $1million in less than 14 years.

Is $1 million enough for you to retire?

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