Saturday, December 15, 2012

Professional Currency Trader On Zulutrade

There is a new professional currency trader that is offering free signals on Zulutrade.

Strategy Description:

Silver Investment Fund (SIF) is a professional currency trader. He trades 2 currency pairs: EUR/JPY and GBP/USD. His strategy is a trend following price action system. Technical analysis are made on 4 hour charts. He opens max. 2 trades at the same time, one for each currency pair. New trades can be open when the old ones are closed. Each trade has a fixed stoploss, that is max. 30 pips. Target profit for trades is not set, because manual trailing stop is applied. This way, trader can secure maximum profits , while losses are cut small.

Investors (followers) of this professional currency trader are strongly advised to set their lot size according to SIF´s statistics (Max. DrawDown and Necessary Minimum Equity). They should check SIF´s Winning Trades Ratio and Trading History, so they can  have a clear idea about past and potential losing streaks. Be sure that winning trades always outweigh those losing ones.

As a rule of thumb, followers are recommended not to risk more than 2% of their trading capital. If they wish to keep the risk to minimum level, it is best to set lot size to 1% per trade.

Final Note: SIF is a professional currency trader and his goal is to secure a long term profitable investment for followers and investors on Zulutrade. Those seeking get rich quick schemes or 100% winning ratio should look somewhere else.

See SIF performance page  or Simulate your portfolio to see possible earnings.

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