Friday, December 21, 2012

Private Investment Club

Silver Investment Fund (SIF) is a private investment club. With this club  you can invest your money and earn lucrative profits on the biggest market of the world - Forex (currency market)

There are couple of ways how to invest with  Private Investment Club SIF:

1) Direct Investment

You invest your money and SIF private club manager will trade with them on Forex market.
You can withdraw your money at any time. Minimum investment is $20
Projecte profits are 5-10% / month
Manager gets a commission from your profit.


- you will get 30% bonus on your deposit which can be invested with your principal
- you can withdraw your profit at any time and keep your initial investment to work for you

Step by step:
- open your trading account, click "For Traders" and "Open Account"
- deposit money and ask for bonus
- go to Private Investment Club performance page, scroll down and click "Make Investment"

2) AutoCopy SIF trading signals
This way you only autocopy trading signals of Private Investment Club via Zulutrade platform


- you can chooose your broker
- you keep your funds on your trading account
- you can add more signal providers

Step by step
- open your account
- once you have your Zulutrade and also broker account set, deposit funds to your broker account
- now go SIF page and click "Follow"

If you have any questions you can discuss them on our Private Investment Club Forum