Wednesday, November 7, 2012

100% Win Forex System

Are you looking for “Always Win Never Loss”  forex trading system? Sorry but I’m affraid that such a 100% winning system doesn’t exist out there.

Yes, there are some signal providers with 100% winning ratio. But this is  achieved with huge risk. If you wish to copy their trades, see Zulutrade Performance Page (sort by win% column)

So what are important rules in Forex trading? It’s not about How much money the system will make you but How good the forex trading system is in Keeping your losses as small as possible !

So how can we limit losses? The easiest way to do it is to decide in advance what is the maximum acceptable loss per each trade because in Forex you can set your SL (stoploss) according to your Losses capability.

You need to decide how much you are comfortable losing per one trade, based on any percentage of your total Forex trading budget. Set it up the way that a string of losses won’t stop you from next trading for any length of time.

Remember, your goal is to keep losses as small as possible while also make sure you open a large enough position to capitalize on possible profits and minimize losses. With sound money management rules in place, your trading system will be much more successful and longer lasting.