Saturday, November 24, 2012

News: Get Free Forex Debit Card

The international broker InstaForex has prepared for you a very pleasant Christmas gift! Each InstaForex forex trader can get his unique InstaForex MasterCard for free! To obtain this card you just need to fill in your application form, and soon you will receive your ATM plastic card.

InstaForex MasterCard is a very easy and comfortable way to withdraw funds from your InstaForex trading account anywhere in the world. All card operations are anonymous and confidential. The transaction information is not handed over to any government regulating or tax authorities. So, using InstaForex MasterCard, you can freely withdraw the money from InstaForex trading account and get it within 24 hours. One InstaForex MasterCard can be linked to different trading accounts open in your name.

Forex accounts have never been as easy to manage thanks to the debit cards from InstaForex.
InstaForex MasterCard has all the functions of a standard MasterCard, so you are able to pay for your goods and services or withdraw your cash from the ATM or replenish your trading account using your card as well.

Limited time offer....check availability