Thursday, November 15, 2012

Start Your Own Forex Mutual Fund

Are you a skilled, experienced and profitable forex trader? Great.
So why don´t you start your own private forex mutual fund?
There is one great application created by InstaForex Broker that will help you setup your forex mutual fund in minutes.

InstaForex is a well-known international broker with thousands of clients, so once you start your fund and prove yourself as a good trader you will have thousands of potentional investors.

How it works:It is very simple. Just create your forex mutual fund and set your own rules regarding investment time, min. investment amount and your commissions. You can choose how much you keep from profits and how much will be left for your investors. You can also set some percentage for agents. Those are people willing to promote your forex investment fund, so for some commissions they will bring you more investors.

How to start your own forex mutual fund

1. Open InstaForex Trading Account (in USD)

2. Once your account is live, login to your Client Cabinet and register as a PAMM Trader

3. Download MT4 or other trading terminal and start trading.
(You can even start with 10 USD trading capital. You also receive 30-40% deposit bonus. The point is to build a trading history, so your potential investors can see how good you are and so they will be willing to invest with you)

4. Your trades will start showing in PAMM Monitoring section.
(This is a ranking page where investors choose traders they wish to invest with)

5. You can set your own commission percentages as a reward for managing funds of your investors.

6. You also get your own URL to your trading stats page, so you can promote online on your website or forums to attract more investors.

Learn more about PAMM Trader system.