Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Signal Provider Earnings

What are signal provider earnings?

How much a signal provider can earn monthly? These are common questions of forex traders who would like to become signal providers. Well, to answer your question.

There are 3 ways how to earn as a signal provider:

1) Sell your signals on your own.
Create a website or a blog and sell your signals. This way you can set your price, but you will have to manage everything yourself. Also, you will have to find your followers, which is not always easy.

2) Join unique ForexCopy system and become a signal provider
In this case everything will be managed for you and you will have access to over 500,000 traders.

Your signal provider earnings would be as follows:
You could choose to earn your commissions per subscription day or per every profitable trade.
Your earnings would depend on number of followers, but good signal providers can earn thousands of dollars every month.

3) Become a managing trader in InstaForex PAMM system
This way you can manage funds of other investors. It is similar as a signal provider, just funds of your investors are transfered to your trading account. Thanks to PAMM monitoring system investors can find you, so you do not have to be looking for them. The main advantage is that you can set your own commissions as your reward for managing funds of your investors. Your earnings then depends on number of your investors and also on amount invested.

In case 2) and 3) you will receive 30% bonus on every deposit you make. You can use this deposit for your trading immediately.