Monday, November 5, 2012

Even 50 Pips a Month Can Make You Rich

Read this short article and you may realize that becoming rich on Forex is not as difficult as other people keeps telling you.
All you need is to remember this:

"Even 50 Pips a Month Can Make You Rich"

It is absolutely true!

So let´s do some math. You have $1,000 starting capital. You set your lot size to 1 mini lot to trade safely. Now let´s assume you make 50 pips profit each month. That is 600 pips a year. And that equals approx. to 60% ROI (return on investment)

Now let´s see how much it gives you if you compound your profits every year.

Years Profit
10 $109,951
12 $281,474
15 $1,152,921

Really nice, right? And if you invested $10k instead of $1k at the beginning, you would make your first million in 10 years.

So trade safely and remember: Even 50pips monthly can make you rich soon.
If you do not know how to trade yourself, you can auto-copy other forex signal providers (traders).