Tuesday, November 13, 2012

V1 Forex Investment Fund

Brief V1 Forex Investment Fund Statistics:

Total Profit: +268.89%
Total Trades: 1454
Full Details

V1 Forex Investment Fund Description:

Automated MTS with application of averaging and locking risky transactions.

Distribution of profits:
Investors-60%, PAMM-Trader- 40% up to 1000.
Investors- 70%, PAMM-Trader- 30% of 1000.
Investors- 75%, PAMM-Trader- 25% of 5000.
Investors- 80%, PAMM-Trader- 20% of 10000.

Estimated return on the project - 7-20%/month.

The minimum investment is 100 USD
For investments over 1000 USD
the minimum period of investment - 7 days, the penalty for early repayment is required!

Performance Graph: