Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trade Binary Options From $1

Binary options bring fixed profit for a trader when a certain condition is met or do not bring any profit if this condition is not accomplished. Advantages of binary options are that they have only two possible outcomes (all or none), known yield rate, limited risk and also different performance periods. Also, there are no commissions, spreads or swaps! In order to make profit it is essential to forecast correctly the currency direction. Your trade will be profitable even with a minimal price movement towards the set direction.

The international broker InstaForex offer its clients efficient trading terms and the very advanced trading technologies. InstaForex Option Trading allows you to have a stable high gain and hedge options investment portfolios. All real account holders are provided with access to upward and downward options for 11 different instruments  in the Client Cabinet.

Available instruments for binary options trading:

Minimal option cost is 1 USD (1 EUR), maximal one – 1000 USD (1000 EUR). There are no limits on the number of bought options! The option yield rate is calculated by multiplying the benchmark price by the net margin equaling to 1,8 points.  So if you for example buy 1usd option and win, you get 1,8USD, if you lose, you will lose 1USD.

You will also receive 30% bonus on each deposit you make!

Prove a success in option trading with InstaForex!

Limited Offer: Invest in Silver Investment Fund PAMM from $1 only! Projected profit 5-10% monthly

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